This guide will teach you how to connect your 3DS gaming system to the internet. Your goal is connecting your 3DS and being able to access apps on it, but there are a few other things that might be worth knowing as well.

The “3ds not connecting to internet 2021” is a question that is asked quite often. To connect your 3ds to the Internet, follow these steps:
1) Make sure you have a wired or wireless connection on your 3ds.
2) Turn off any security software running on your computer and then turn off your anti-virus program.
3) Open up the Nintendo 3DS Settings app on your 3ds by going into the Home menu and pressing L.
4) Go into Internet Settings and select Local Network Connection. It will take you to a screen where you can make changes for the connection type of your network. Select Wired if it’s an Ethernet cable or Wireless if it’s a Wi-Fi connection.
5) After making changes, go back to the main settings screen and select Connect Now under Local Network Connection. You should now be able to connect with no problem!

How do I connect my 3ds to the Internet? |

What is the Best Way to Connect to the Internet?

  1. Tap the System Settings icon from the HOME menu.
  2. Select Internet Options.
  3. Select Connection Settings from the menu.
  4. Select the option to create a new connection.
  5. When the popup asks whether you want assistance with the Internet connection setup, choose Manual Setup.
  6. Search for an Access Point by tapping the Search for an Access Point button.

You could also wonder, “How can I connect my Nintendo 3DS to my WiFi?”

Connect the Nintendo 3DS XL to the Internet through Wi-Fi.

  1. Select System Settings from the HOME menu.
  2. Select Internet Options.
  3. Select Connection Settings from the menu.
  4. Select the option to create a new connection.
  5. Select New Connection from the drop-down menu.
  6. If you wish to watch a video on how to set up Wi-Fi, choose Manual Setup or Tutorial.

how do I connect my Nintendo DS to the Internet? What is the Best Way to Connect to the Internet?

  1. Turn on your Nintendo DS and go to the game’s main menu if you have an online-capable game installed.
  2. Toggle between the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection settings and the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection options.
  3. Tap Nintendo Wi-Fi ConnectionSettings on the Setup screen.
  4. Select the None connection file.
  5. Select Find an Access Point from the drop-down menu.

Why can’t my 3DS connect to the Internet in this way?

When it comes to Nintendo 3DS connection, these are some of the most popular fixes: Move closer to the WiFi hotspot if your 3DS isn’t receiving enough signal to connect. If you have access to the WiFi router, check the wireless settings: your Nintendo 3DS only supports 2.4 GHz frequency networks with 802.11b/g modes.

Is there WiFi on the Nintendo 3DS?

With a Wi-Fi connection, the Nintendo 3DS can connect to the internet. On play online multiplayer games with friends, access the internet, and download specific material to your 3DS, you’ll need this. Fortunately, connecting your Nintendo 3DS to Wi-Fi is simple.

Answers to Related Questions

Is the Nintendo DS WiFi still functional?

On May 20, 2014, Nintendo will stop offering some features via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Many Nintendo Wii, DS, and DSi titles will be affected by the service’s demise, including online play, leaderboards, and matchmaking. The games may still be played in offline mode on the consoles.

Unfortunately, since the 3DS is a mobile device, you will not always have internet connectivity. If you have a mobile hotspot on your smartphone or tablet, you may share your internet connection with your gaming handheld through wireless.

Is WiFi available on the Nintendo 2DS?

The Nintendo 2DS can play all 3DS games as well as the whole Nintendo 3DS library. It will not have its own proprietary game library. It can also connect to the internet through Wi-Fi and play digital games purchased via the Nintendo 3DSeShop.

What is the procedure for restarting a Nintendo 3DS?

Hold down the Power button until the Nintendo 3DS goes off. This might take up to 10 seconds. To turn the 3DS back on, press the Power button once again.

What is a WiFi security key?

The network security key is the password or pass that you use to log into your home network. You must supply the key to show that you are permitted to connect to your wireless network in order to create a secure connection.

What is an SSID (Service Set Identifier)?

The technical word for a network name is SSID. You give your wireless home network a name to differentiate it from other networks in your neighborhood when you set it up. When you connect your PC to your wireless network, you’ll see this name. WPA2 is a wireless security standard.

Is the Nintendo 3ds XL equipped with Bluetooth?

Nintendo is still ignoring Bluetooth technologies. Nintendo makes it difficult to own both a 3DS and a 3DS XL since you can’t save the same data on both platforms.

What is the location of my WiFi WEP key?

Under most cases, the WEP Key may be located in the “security” tab of your wireless router’s settings. You’ll need to input the WEPKey when required after you’ve figured out what it is.

What method do you use to get to your router?

Q. How can I go to the router’s web-based configuration page?

  1. Use a web browser like Internet Explorer to get started.
  2. Enter the IP address of your router in the Address bar, then click Enter. Most VOIP routers, for example, use as their default IP address.
  3. A new window appears, prompting you to enter your User name and Password.

WEP, WPA-PSK (TKIP), WPA-PSK (AES), WPA2-PSK (AES), and WPA2-PSK (TKIP) security are all supported by the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL. The Nintendo 2DS and New Nintendo 3DS systems both support WPA2-PSK, however the Nintendo 2DS and New Nintendo 3DS systems do not (TKIP).

How can I find out what my SSID is?

On your router, look for a sticker.

  1. Click the wireless signal symbol on the left (most often located inbottom right corner of the desktop).
  2. Look for the network name next to Connected in the list of networks. The SSID of your network is this.

What is the procedure for updating my Nintendo 3DS?

Follow these instructions to the letter.

  1. When your system is turned on, hit the Wrench symbol to view the System Settings.
  2. Select Other Settings from the menu.
  3. Page 4 (if using a Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 2DS, or New Nintendo 2DS XL) or page 5 (if using a Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 2DS, or New Nintendo 2DS XL) or page 6 (if using a Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 2DS, or New Nintendo 2DS XL) (if using a New Nintendo 3DS or New Nintendo 3DS XL).
  4. Select System Update from the menu.

What is Nintendo WFC Configuration, and how does it work?

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (NintendoWFC) enables you to play games over the internet using a Nintendo DS and a Nintendo WFC compatible Nintendo DS game, whether at home or at an internet hotspot. A wireless access point, such as the NintendoWi-Fi USB Connector or a wireless router.

How can I set up WiFi on my Nintendo DSi 2018?

Follow these instructions to the letter.

  1. Tap the System settings (wrench)icon from the Nintendo DSi Menu.
  2. Double-tap the right arrow, then choose Internet.
  3. Select Connection Settings from the menu.
  4. Select Advanced Setup from the drop-down menu.
  5. Select an empty connection file by tapping on it (connection 4,5, or 6).
  6. Select Find an Access Point from the drop-down menu.

What exactly is the new Nintendo 3DS XL?

Nintendo’s New Nintendo 3DS is a portable video gaming system. The New Nintendo 3DS XL was launched on February 13, 2015 in North America, followed by the standard-sized New Nintendo 3DS on September 25, 2015.

How can you utilize YouTube on the Nintendo 3DS?


  1. Go to Nintendo eShop from your 3DS’s main menu. Allow time for it to load.
  2. To get started, go to the Apps area. To get started, go to YouTube.
  3. Click the “Download” button. “Download Now” should be selected.
  4. Exit the Nintendo eShop after it has finished downloading.
  5. Return to the main menu and choose YouTube.
  6. Enter a subject or a name in the search box once it has loaded.

On my Nintendo 3DS, how can I download games?

How to Buy Things on the Nintendo eShop

  1. For good measure, update your 3DS.
  2. On the 3DS’s bottom screen, choose Nintendo eShop.
  3. In the Nintendo eShop, look for a game to download.
  4. Choose the game you wish to buy.
  5. To purchase, choose Tap Here.
  6. The cost of the game, including any taxes, is shown on a checkout summary screen.

The “nintendo 3ds” is a handheld gaming console that connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi. It has its own unique network, called Nintendo 3DS Network. This can be accessed by pressing the Home button and selecting “Nintendo 3DS System Settings”. Once you’re in the settings menu, select “Internet Settings”, then select “Network Settings”, and finally select your preferred connection method.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why cant my 3DS connect to the Internet?

A: The 3DS is a Nintendo system, and therefore not compatible with the internet.

How do I connect my 3DS to WiFi 2020?

A: You can connect your 3DS to WiFi using the settings on the bottom screen. Simply scroll down, select connect to and then type in your current wireless SSID and password.

How do I manually connect my 3DS to WiFi?

A: The 3DS has a built in WiFi, but it can only be used while the system is turned off. To connect to a wireless network when the 3DS is on and running you will need to use an external hotspot like your phone or computer.

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