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Today, Helminth is a popular online multiplayer game, where players can choose between two factions – the Grineer and the Corpus – and engage in an interstellar war against one another. In the game, players are given the task of building up their virtual colony, defending themselves against enemies, and increasing the size of their colony. Players can gain resources by farming and mining, but their main income source is from killing enemies. Players can then use their resources to purchase weapons, armor, and other items.

​Helminth Warframe Guide 2021 | Warframe School ​

Helminth lives in the Helminth infirmary on the Orbiter. It is located behind a sealed door that can be opened in a special way. The helmsman is responsible for the biological functions of the ship, i.e. maintenance of the warframe and any repairs that take place behind the scenes. The main body of the helminth is a large mouth attached to the back wall, which gobbles up the resources, although the infection in the chamber is likely to be part of it. Tenno interacts with the Helminth functions by placing his Warframe on an infected chair in the middle of the room.

How did the helminth develop?

The Helminth was created by Orokin to turn people into infected hybrids that can give birth to Warframes. This comes to light with the sacrifice of Ballas the Enforcer. When the subject’s skin is exposed to the helminthic strain, it turns into a steel sword. Moreover, their internal organs are interconnected to provide greater resistance, and infections cannot affect their minds.

Helminthic cyst

After receiving a helminth cyst from an infected player or a Nidus outfit, access to the helminth chamber is opened. There’s a chair in the middle that Nidus is sitting on. Cyst Removal Chair word-image-16394 word-image-16395 Sitting on a chair activates a needle that pierces Nidus’ neck and infects him with the helminth virus. This awakens helminth in the infirmary and activates his connection to Tenno. Twenty-four hours after injection, a small pink infected cyst begins to develop at the injection site and continues to develop for 7 days. After that, small tendrils appear on the surface and it is considered mature. The cyst can be drained from the cube during incubation if the helminth loader, a new type of companion, is removed from the incubator segment of the orbiter. A new cyst appears 24 hours after drainage. Any Warframe that comes into contact with Nidus will also get the Helminth virus as long as Nidus is infected with it. If you are infected, you will hear a piercing sound and see a light brown cloud. After 24 hours, the cyst appears on a newly infected warframe, which can then spread the virus to other warframes, as Nidus has done. This virus can only be spread during missions, in the Orbiter or in the Clan Dojo. You can’t hand it out during the relay. An infected player can pass it on to players who have not yet completed Glast’s Gambit or the quests that precede it (War Within).

How do you treat a helminth virus?

Any warframe with cysts can be taken to Helminth’s infirmary, even if it is still immature. When combined with the stool, it cures the infection by removing the cyst and also inoculates against reinfection. Additionally, a vaccinated Warframe cannot enter the Helminth Infirmary until it has received a Helminth segment (this does not apply to Nidus, however). The cyst affects Warframe’s appearance, but has no other effects, positive or negative.

Replacement of helminth expertise

Helmint can replace the abilities of warframes with those of other warframes or with unique abilities. You can access it through the ship’s helminth infirmary, and you need Son’s helminth segment in Nekraliska for 15,000 union members. You need a Master rank of 8 and a Companion rank of Entrathi. When the segment is constructed, the helminthic infirmary always remains open, regardless of the presence of nidus or cysts. The skill Fast Travel in Helminths is also available once the segment is completed. The player sits in a chair to set up this segment, and is then asked to name the helminth using the console to the left of the entry.

WarframeSubmission Guide

You can integrate Warframe into your Helminth system. This allows you to explore one of his skills, but be aware that your Warframe will consume energy during this process. Absorption Warframe word-image-16396 word-image-16397 Sacrifice a warframe other than Umbra or Prime in Helminth, and you’ll free up a spot in your inventory. After 23 hours, the CPU you sacrificed has a certain capacity that you can use with Helmint. This opens up the possibility of permanently replacing a capacity with an absorbed one. For example, by absorbing a Warframe Mag Warframe, you unlock its absorbed draw skill, which you can apply to another Warframe of your choice. The system has no effect on passives. A warframe does not need to have a maximum rank to be absorbed. You can only absorb one warframe at a time and take it down for 50 decks if you want. There is a limited number of skills that a helminth can have. This value can be increased with the Helminth Metamorphosis rank. You can’t absorb the same warframe more than once. If you want to devour a Warframe, bring an equipped Warframe to the Helminths’ infirmary. Sit in a chair and select Subsume Warframe to begin. The warframe is then sacrificed, its power is taken, and you must type CONFIRM. The warframe you sacrificed becomes inert and remains at the bottom of the room, where it is slowly absorbed into its biomass by the tendrils of the helminth. After that, your oldest Warframe will be equipped automatically. When a warframe is completely eaten, a lotus flower appears in the infirmary, its color matching that of the sacrificed warframe. The petals correspond to the main colour of the warframe, the stamens to the second colour and the stem to the third colour. The flower shines in the middle according to the color of the energy. You can add metallic accents to the petals with luxury leather. If you don’t change the colors, the flower will use Warframe’s default colors.

Helminth excretion

To replace the skills of a warframe with those of a subordinate, or to subjugate a warframe, you must first provide it with a certain amount of resources of various categories. Helminths – Secrets word-image-16398 word-image-16399 Helminth eats almost all resources found in Warframe and turns them into secrets that can be spent on Helminth features. Different sources produce different types of secretions that are released during feeding. The helminth prefers those resources that can be converted most efficiently into secretions, although it initially likes all resources.

Preferential control

A green arrow pointing upward on a resource means that the helminth likes this resource and is doubling the amount of secretions it receives (up to 30%). A red down arrow on a resource means that the helminth does not like that resource and is reducing the amount of secretion converted (by at least 3%). Preferred Diet word-image-16400 word-image-16401 If you give him a drug he doesn’t like, you can give him some Sensual Appetite to reduce his interest to 50% of the drug he likes the least. You can use Sensual Appetite until the unloved source becomes neutral. The absence of arrows on a resource means that the helminths are neutral and the resource is converted to 15%, which is the default value. You get twice the Pustulitis, Lucid Teroglobe and Ganglion. If you keep feeding the helminth with the same resource, he will appreciate it less and less. The order of injection can also affect the amount of agent that can be converted. If he is fed what he likes, then giving him what he doesn’t like or is neutral increases the conversion rate for them a little. The maximum amount for the secret is 100% and you cannot increase it by topping up your account. The appetite of the helminth to consume certain resources will gradually increase if he has not consumed them before. The source takes 24 hours to go from red to neutral, and another 24 hours to go from neutral to green. You can watch the instructional video below:


Powers of injection and substitution

After Helminth absorbs an ability, he can replace any ability of the chosen warframe, including the Umbra or Prime variants, with an injection. Warframes, however, are limited to one absorbed skill. You can choose in which mod configuration(s) the injected capacity can be used. For example. B. Replace Excalibur Umbra in the first slot of the Radial Javelin with Pull mod configuration, the other two slots remain unchanged. On Chroma, Rhino, Mirage, Xaku, and Octavia, you can replace Eclipse, Vex Armor, Amp, Roar, and Xata’s Whisper only with Eclipse, Roar, and Xata’s Whisper. You can also use the Warframe augmentation mods with the introduced ability. Although capacity changes can be reversed, the secretions consumed during the injection are not returned and re-injecting the capacity will cost you money again. You cannot change replaceable capacities to replace replace replaceable or loadable configurations unless you remove a replaceable capacity and reinsert it. So if you combine Pull with Radial Javelin on the first mod configuration slot, Pull cannot replace any of the other three abilities to bring Radial Javelin back. You also can’t move it to the second or third slot until Excalibur returns to the wheel to remove the move and reinsert it. Warframe doesn’t tell you if you’re adding a skill to an already-configured slot, and the infusion process is performed either way.


Absorbing warframes, infusing raw materials and infusing helmet capabilities increases the rank of metamorphosis, increasing the amount of retained abilities of absorbed warframes. It also unlocks the unique Helminth skill to use.

More tips and facts about helminths

  • Absorption can occur when the player is not on board the ship. In this case, the lotus flower only appears when the player puts the ship into orbit. The absorbed warframe just disappears.
  • The helminth uses 6 main fences. Absorbing a warframe consumes three skills, infusing a skill consumes the other three.
    • Thus, the absorption of Excalibur consumes bile, biotics and pheromones. Building the Radial Blind Power Cost Synthetics, Culks and Oxides.
  • The decoys left behind by Molt and Decoy change appearance depending on the warframe used, including the Lex Prime decoy on Prime warframes and Lato on regular warframes.
  • Excalibur Umbra uses offline mind control, but it ends abruptly when the player returns from Operator mode or vice versa. It’s basically the same with any subsumed skill. Umbra prefers to use his first skill when needed.
  • Gara’s Shatterstorm seems to have no effect on damage absorption when using mind control.
  • Transferring Hildrin’s subordinate abilities costs shield points, not energy, and is 10 times more expensive.
  • When you replace Venari Hora, only the ability to resummon Venari and change his pose is removed. It will still be available and will increase Hora’s movement speed, since that is also part of her passive.
  • Absorbing Lavos’ powers doesn’t take energy. Instead, there is a 10 second cooldown after the ability is used.
    • The dwell time of the transmutation probe affects the absorbed capacities. Non-rechargeable skills expire after the skill expires, unless they are converted to rechargeable skills by an add-on.
    • The Subsumed skill suppresses Lavos’ ability to impregnate the skill it replaces elementally.
    • Lavos cannot charge absorbed powers elementally either.
  • Replacing an elemental skill like Whiplash with Whiplash Infusion increases damage and procs for Khora’s Whip Claw, but does not increase damage for Sublime Weapons.
  • All enemies affected by Garuda’s Blood Age are not attacked by Null Star, so Nova can be used without fear of losing the damage protection of this ability.
  • Abilities or upgrades that add damage types or increase damage to friendly units apply to mind-controlled targets. This increases damage conversion when you are invulnerable and adds damage that was not possible with Nyx alone.
  • I wonder where the word helminth comes from? In Greek, it refers to a worm-like organism that is a parasite.
  • Helminthiasis is an infectious disease, not a virus.
  • Helminth’s comments can only be heard if the player has a certain moral disposition determined by their actions in The Glast Gambit, The War Within and Sacrifice quests.
  • Nidus’ mutations are activated when he comes near one of Orbiter’s infected organisms.
  • In the helminth hospital room, there is a tank on the floor with a long giant goldfish Mortus and a couple of Mawfish.
  • Once the helminth segment is placed, you can work with the mouth of the helminth. It works with your companion.
    • If your companion is a Helminth Charger, Predasite, or Kubrow, he dances on his mouth, which grunts, gurgles, and blows air at the companion.
    • Kawat or Vulpafil’s companion kisses the mouth, which in turn inhales it into his mouth and then spits it out.
    • The ship’s Carrion drone jumps into the helminth’s mouth to clean it from the inside out.


  • The alternation of day and night in the form of an equinox means that the cyst is seen in its mature form before it is 7 days old.
  • If a player is infected before completing the Glast Gambit, none of the Helminth rules are played.
    • To solve this problem, simply remove the mature cyst from Nidus’ neck and leave the room. Go back and infect Nidus again to awaken the helminth.
  • A nidus sitting on the chair can ensure that the cyst is removed immediately. After that, he can’t reinfect it.
  • To see a mature cyst, you can look at a player’s profile to see if they have a warframe with a cyst. This also works for your own profile.
  • Not all warframes give a lotus flower, even if you charge Orbiter.

This past weekend, a team of new players from Canada and the US joined the Helminth faction, and we wanted to make sure they had a place to talk about their experiences in the faction. We asked them to write about their experiences for the first year in Helminth, and they wrote a fantastic tale!. Read more about warframe best helminth abilities and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start the helminth system in Warframe?

The Helminth is a Warframe who can be unlocked in the game “Warframe” by taking the following steps. 1. You must have an account in Warframe 2. You must have a minimum of level 20 3. You must have at least one “Daily Login” 4. You must have at least one “Dedicated Servers” 5. You must have a “Dedicated Server” (located in the sanctuary) 6. You must have enough “Helminth” (the currency of warframe) 5. You must have a “Capture The Flag” server (located in the combat zone) 4. You must have at least one “Capture The Flag” When you play “Warframe”, you are fighting to protect the Helminth. The Helminth is the history’s single most powerful idea. The Helminth is the idea of a small, benign parasite that would be humanity’s savior if it weren’t for the foolhardy meddling of the Corpus, Grineer, and Infested. The Helminth was created by the Tenno centuries ago, but it was only after the Tenno drove off the Corpus and Grineer that they developed the ability to reproduce and spread.

How do you get helminth abilities?

This guide will teach you how to get helminth abilities in Warframe’s 4th war, The 4th era. As a note, the step by step guide will use injector forma, which is not required to get the abilities, but you can follow the same steps to get the abilities without using injector forma, but it will be much harder and time consuming. We’ve always been pretty big Warframe fans over here at GameWaresTales, and we like to give you guys all the latest info on the game. This is our first ever Warframe guide, and we’ve got a lot of stuff to cover! We’ll be talking about Warframes, the Grineer, the Corpus, the Infested, and much more.

How do you get a helminth Charger in 2020?

The Helminth is a type of parasitic worm that can live inside its hosts, often animals, and attaches itself to their body. The Helminth can then be used to extract the nutrients the host might be lacking and leave the host in a better state than when they started. One of the most well known forms of this is the Human Helminth, which is the most commonly available form for use. Another common form is the Zoraster Helminth, which are often used by people who are not able to acquire the Human Helminth. Also known as: helminths, worms, hookworms, tapeworms, flukes, and others.

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