Blizzard Entertainment has announced the release of a new Hearthstone card, “Druid Circle”. The Mini-Set will be available from February 15 until March 31. Blizzard also teased an upcoming Overwatch event with rumors that over-the-top heroes might make their way in too.

who owns world of warcraft” is a question that many people have been asking. Blizzard Entertainment, the developers of Hearthstone, Overwatch, and World of Warcraft had announced that they will be releasing a mini-set February 15th.

Hearthstone gets a mini-set February 15, Overwatch adds ‘over-the-top’ heroes in Experimental


While the Eternity’s End update has gotten a lot of attention, it doesn’t mean other Blizzard games aren’t getting updates (save for HOTS; sorry MOBA enthusiasts). Hearthstone and Overwatch, in particular, have received notable improvements.

The more exciting news from Hearthstone’s latest patch is the advent of Onyxia’s Lair, the Alterac Valley expansion’s mini-set, which will be released on February 15th and will include 35 new cards that will be unveiled over the following several days. Aside from that, the patch contains new Battleground heroes, new pals, and information on a limited-time Mercenaries mode event that begins on Tuesday, February 22nd.

In Overwatch, an update to the Experimental mode was released yesterday, bringing “over-the-top balancing modifications.” Character changes include D.Va’s ability to fall slowly while holding the jump button, Symmetra’s promotion to support, and the nerfing of all tank characters’ CC skills. This limited-time Experiemntal card affects every character on the roster, so players who are currently playing the team-based shooter should read the notes to see how “over-the-top” these changes are.

Symmetra as a Support? Infinite flight DVa?

These are just a few highlights from the new Experimental Card featuring over-the-top balance changes designed by @mL7support, @LemonKiwi_, @JWantedL & @jakeow.

👀 Check out the rest

— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) February 10, 2022


The “overwatch controversy” is a mini-set for Hearthstone. The new heroes will be available on February 15th. In Overwatch, the experimental mode has been added that allows players to play as super heroes.

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