So you’ve been in Path of Exile for a long while, and you’ve seen some big changes over the years, from the introduction of new items, to the addition of new class skills, to the introduction of the new Ascendancy skill tree. But this expansion was supposed to be about something else: rebalancing the base classes. Chris Wilson–executive producer for the upcoming Path of Exile expansion, The Fall of Oriath–recently revealed that the team are releasing this expansion with the goal of rebalancing the base classes to make them more competitive. The goal of this rebalancing is to make the game more fun and less frustrating.

Thanks to the game’s addition of the Ascendancy expansion, Path of Exile has continued to expand in popularity and scope. There are now more types of content to be found in the game, a wider range of available classes to play, and a flurry of new quality of life features that have made the game easier to play and more fun. With a strong community of players, a dedicated developer, and a growing user base, Path of Exile is an excellent title for anyone who wants to play an RPG about taking over the world and destroying everything in it.

Chris Wilson is a game developer at Grinding Gear Games, the creators of Path of Exile. I sat down with him to talk about the upcoming expansion and Chris’ thoughts on the game’s direction.


We reported yesterday on Path of Exile players’ displeasure with the planned Expedition expansion and league adjustments, believing that the expansion was intended to reduce the game’s remaining enjoyment. For example, the game’s subreddit was a thick wall of angry memes, dejection, and efforts to persuade Grinding Gear Games to listen.

The studio, on the other hand, is certainly paying attention. GGG’s Chris Wilson addressed the concerns in an 1867-word letter to the playerbase on Reddit.

He adds, “There has been suspicion that I myself have been pushing the balance adjustments to fit my initial concept for Path of Exile.” “While I do wish to restore parts of the game that have been degraded, virtually every area of particular balancing work is the result of a big team of designers working together for a long period to come up with answers to issues we want to address.”

POE had reached a “breaking point with power growth” that needed to be handled once and for all since neither the gamers nor the developers were satisfied with the game. He adds, “We are quite sure that the new Path of Exile will be more enjoyable.”

Wilson then goes on to talk on everything from gem mana cost nerfs to hyperthermia nerfs to aurabot nerfs and the community wiki, so worried players should grab a cup of tea and sit down for the whole thing. He also addresses Ultimatum’s issues and low retention, acknowledging that the encounters lacked compelling combat and the incentive system was inadequate.

Reddit is the source of this information. Thank you, Pepperzine!


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