Fractured Online is a top-down, sci-fi 3rd person action game with RPG elements. The team has taken inspiration from games like Diablo and Dark Souls to create an experience that’s hard but rewarding at the same time. From crafting your own unique playstyle to developing your skills based on player choice, Fractured Online offers players endless freedom as they explore its content rich world

The “fractured online review” is a game that takes place in the future where humanity has been divided into two factions, and you play as one of these factions. The game features a knowledge-based character progression system, which allows players to learn new abilities by reading books found throughout the world.

Fractured Online takes a closer look at its knowledge-based character progression systems


“Goodbye grinding and power disparities, hello Knowledge System,” reads the introduction to Fractured Online’s latest feature spotlight, which looks at character progression in the upcoming sandbox MMORPG that promises to marry a lack of level gaps and artificial grind with a sense of long-term achievement; readers will note that since Fractured was revealed as a Gamigo-published title, it’s been reintroducing its various systems to potential new entrants.

Knowledge points are at the center of the system, and they may be gained by doing things like exploring the environment, killing creatures, collecting resources, and locating a rare Lost Tale item. These points may be used in a vast talent tree, and any points used can be respec’d for free while a character is resting. Characters may also learn skills, which will be discussed more later, and the article assures that talents will not create a power difference between beginner and experienced players, as talents merely “complement” character compositions.

Ability learning is the last component of the knowledge system: abilities are found by completing certain activities, studied by spending knowledge points, and learned while sleeping. Which, in some ways, isn’t a chore.


fractured mmo patch notes” is a blog that takes a closer look at the knowledge-based character progression systems in Fractured.

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