For the first time, fans of game director Tetsuya Nomura’s beloved 1997 PlayStation classic Final Fantasy VII can expect a full-scale remake. Released nearly two decades after its original PlayStation release, Final Fantasy VII Remake is slated to release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2019. As part of the celebration, Square Enix has revealed details on the game’s special edition merchandise, which will include a fold-out map of Midgar (the game’s setting) and other bonus items.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Flyer Locations Guide

Final Fantasy VII Remake was released in a beautiful package on the 7th of February, and it seems to be a breath of fresh air. The game itself is a PS4 exclusive, and the cut scenes are breathtaking. However, you may have noticed the lack of a Final Fantasy VII Remake’s release flyer on the streets.

A Happy Turtle employee asks Yuffie to find special posters to get a prize. In this guide to finding flyer locations in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, learn where to find each flyer Old Snapper needs using the clues in the bag of key items. word-image-5106 The Happy Turtle ad campaign is one of the few side missions in the Yuffie DLC for Final Fantasy 7 Remake. You need to collect 6 different Lucky Turtle flyers or newsletters, scattered around the slums of sector 7.

Some children have hidden one somewhere

Happy Turtle Newsletter #1. It’s right across the street from where you start your quest. Go to a place where all the kids play. There are some cardboard boxes that can be pushed aside. The newsletter is on the wall behind the boxes.

Floating in the air

This is the Happy Turtle newsletter #2. Go to this area on the map. Several children point to a balloon with a turtle floating in the air. Jump over the adjacent crate to get the right angle, then use the Yuffie Triangle attack to knock it down and pick it up. word-image-5107

At dwelling

This is Happy Turtle’s newsletter #3. Go to the apartments there and go up the stairs. At the end of the trail, there are some boxes and a dog. You have to sneak in, use the crates for cover when the dog wakes up, and then grab the ballot at the end. word-image-5108

Cat has one on Culvert Street

This is Happy Turtle Newsletter #4. Go to this location on the map. As you get closer, you see a small cat. It escapes into this area above. Find the cat at the back of the room and take the flyer. word-image-5109

On the city bulletin board

This is the Happy Turtle newsletter #5. Go to that slum in Sector 7. In the corner, against the wall, is a collection of bulletin boards. Engage with one of them to find this flyer. word-image-5110

Near the old Talagger factory

This is the last Happy Turtle newsletter, it is number 6. Go to the abandoned Talagger factory. The easternmost room. Here you have to fight against difficult opponents. If they are destroyed, destroy the adjacent crates. The brochure is hanging on the wall behind the boxes. word-image-5111 These are all the slots for 6 Happy Turtle Flyers in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Tags: Game Manuals, PlayStation 5 ManualsListed under the “Attractions” category, the following is the location of the Flyers in FF7’s FMV intro: Any “Enemies” you encounter: On the road to Nibelheim (you’ll need to be riding in an ATR) At the first train station (you’ll be riding in an ATR) At the beginning of the town you begin in (you’ll be riding in an ATR) At the first fight with the “New Threat” (you’ll be riding in an ATR) After the mini-boss battle with the “New Threat” (you’ll be riding in an ATR) At the final boss fight with the “New Threat” (you’ll be riding in an ATR. Read more about turtle paradise flyer 2 and let us know what you think.

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