The University of Iceland is introducing a new subject in the fall of 2016 entitled “Digital Friendship,” and is teaming up with CCP Games to bring the content to the world. The course, which will be taught via the university’s virtual classroom platform, is a comprehensive study on the history, applications and benefits of online multiplayer games. The instructor of this course will be a Professor of Psychology at the University of Iceland, Dr. Guðmundur Vignir Karlsson. Dr. Karlsson has been working with CCP Games for several years on numerous projects. He is a dedicated academic, a passionate gamer and an expert on all things related to the psychology of gamers. His past work includes research about the effects of gaming on cognitive and social

According to a press release from CCP, the game developer behind the spacefaring MMO EVE Online, the game has teamed up with the University of Iceland to offer an online course about the “digital friendships” players make in the game, a recurring theme that is examined in an upcoming book about the social aspects of MMOs. The course is being offered through the ERLL (Distance & E-Learning) department at the University of Iceland, and will consist of a series of seminars that will focus on “the community” and “the economy” in EVE (in real life, that’s economics, but that’s not what CCP is talking about here). “The course will provide an opportunity for the participants to get more familiar with the game and

Since 2003, the University of Iceland has offered bachelor degrees in computer game design. In the fall of 2013, the school and Icelandic MMO developer CCP Games are set to jointly offer a graduate-level online course about “Building Social Relationships in Online Games” via the University of Iceland’s website and the open resource platform Coursera.

word-image-11589 EVE Online is an MMO that has always struggled to balance massive charitable efforts and player-driven citizen research initiatives with the extreme player toxicity that CCP Studios has not always been able to control. But it’s clear that CCP is still trying to improve the image of the game: This time she partnered with the university to deliver a message of friendship. Anyway, the space sandbox is the setting for an online course at the University of Iceland called Friendship Machine: The formation of a new kind of human bond. The purpose of this course is to discuss the concept of the friendship machine EVE , or in other words, the science of how people create meaningful relationships and how video games have created a new kind of human bond. The first three weeks of the online course are free, and the entire online course, including the final exam and certificate of completion, will cost you $50. If you’d rather be in the… Well, business, the monthly economic report is ready for you, and fellow MMO blogger Wilhelm from The Ancient Gaming Noob has prepared it for you. Friendship Machine: Formation of a new kind of human bond Be there today, the 26th. Join us on May at 17:00 UTC for the launch of a new online friendship course in partnership with @uni_icelandas part of Iceland Innovation Week. Live >> – CCP Games (@CCPGames) 26. May 2021 View

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