It is no longer possible to play Eternal Magic Online, and it has been sunsetting since January 20th. The game gained a lot of attention in the past few years because they claimed their plagiarism was an homage to Blizzard’s Warcraft 3: Reign Of Chaos (which had already been released). It is not yet clear what will happen with all the items that players purchased within the game.

Eternal Magic, infamous for alleged plagiarism, has sunsetted as of today. The developer has stated that the game will no longer be available to download on Android. Read more in detail here: what time will sunset be today.

Eternal Magic, infamous for alleged plagiarism, has sunsetted as of today


If you can remember back to the year 2019, you may recall that developer Duoyi and distributor 101XP released a new MMORPG named Eternal Magic. This is the game that started with a “for the females” beauty pageant that would draw presents and culminate in a statue of “the most popular girl.” Then it rose to fame when players started credibly accusing it of plagiarizing assets from World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2; Eternal Magic’s official reaction was to insinuate that the charges were merely blogger clickbait (which they were not), prompting us to cancel a game giveaway.

We gave the game a playing in 2020, just after its official debut (our MMO Cartographer dubbed it “the Candy Crush of MMOs” and stated it didn’t have anything to offer core MMO gamers), and one more check-in during the epidemic, and then it disappeared off our radar completely. The game has officially ended as of today, so it’s likely gone forever.

The firms announced the news in December, which means the game was just 20 months old when it launched on Steam in April 2020.

“For almost two and a half years, we’ve been battling alongside friends and allies, inventing tactics and methods, and fighting against formidable bosses.” We battled for Terrasia as a team, fulfilling the predictions of the Four Goddesses of the Elements, the land’s patron goddesses. We met the challenges of destiny with dignity, and we will remember all of the wonderful experiences for a long time. Regrettably, the moment has arrived. We regret to inform you that the realm of Eternal Magic will close its doors permanently on January 10, 2022.”

While the company doesn’t say why the game is ending, SteamCharts tells the story: the game’s average player count has dropped from 357 at debut to 5 in the past month. Please accept my condolences to all of you who tried it out.


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