In this week’s Elyon video, we take a look at the six classes in Elyon: The Ranger, Warrior, Sorceress, Shaman, Shaman, and the Footman.

We’ve got a video for you today, produced by Elyon, our in-house QA team, showing a look at a bunch of different classes in the game. The video shows all of the currently-known classes, including the new Alchemist, Wizard, and the new Shaman and Ranger.

Elyon is back with another look at its six different classes in the latest video, and this time around, we’re looking at the Guardians. In this video, we’ll be taking a look at the Outlaw, the Archer, and the Warrior, and how they can be used to great effect in different situations.


Elyon’s video material keeps on coming, with the most recent video showing the game’s six distinct classes. The video goes through each class’s playstyle and various abilities, as well as highlighting each one’s Tab talent, which offers brief boons that are unique to each class, such as an AoE that boosts protection and mitigates crowd control for Warlords or a reload ability that amps up assaults for Gunners.

Each of the game’s classes functions as expected (Mystics are healers, while Assassins can conceal and move quickly), but there are a few twists to consider, such as the option of creating a ranged Assassin who throws shurikens or selecting pistols over rifles for Gunners. Attributes, the Mana Awakening system, and other options may be used to further define a class’s identity. For the time being, MMORPG fans may watch a video after the break to obtain a basic overview of these six classes.

CBT2 is now available for pre-download!!

The CBT2 client is now available for download.

To use the download button, go to our website and log in. If you’re using Steam to play CBT2, the game will appear in your library.

August 16, 2021 — Elyon (@Elyon thegame)


The question is: Did you catch the latest video from Elyon? The video in question is called “Elyon’s new hero classes”, and it shows off the six characters that will be featured in the upcoming Elyon MMO.. Read more about elyon races and let us know what you think.

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