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If you’ve ever played Elite Dangerous, you know that it’s a sprawling galaxy filled with thousands of ships, crews, factions, and players. It’s often hard to keep track of all the different players and their actions, but that’s why we’re here. We track everything Elite Dangerous players do and provide useful information to help you understand the many players in Elite Dangerous. We’re the Elite Dangerous wiki.

Elite Dangerous drew a line at toxicity – toxicity to its personnel, in fact.

Frontier’s Senior Community Manager, Arthur Tolmie, has posted a message on the forums telling players that while feedback on the game is good, harassment from Frontier’s developers is unacceptable. Tolmie doesn’t mention a specific incident, but it seems that players have been teasing the developers on their personal social media accounts. Here’s the key part where Tolmie suggests that attacks on workers will be accompanied by permanent bans.

I regret that some members of the community express their displeasure with insults, accusations and personal attacks against my team or other staff members. I want to address this form of communication directly. I will no longer tolerate people attacking the messenger, as these comments actively undermine our efforts to improve our community’s experience. Similarly, attacks on other members of the community will not be tolerated. From now on, posts that attack, insult, accuse or are deemed harmful to individual employees or teams will result in a permanent ban on the channels where they are posted: Forums, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This includes, but is not limited to, personal posts to employees’ personal social accounts. In the future, remember that the people you interact with are real people. The frustrations of playing a video game are not a justifiable reason to attack the mental health and well-being of another.

You’d think this would go without saying; we ourselves just wrote a lengthy article on developer toxicity that resulted from a Pokemon Go contributor being bullied off social media by toxic players. Yesterday we had a similar situation where the author of WoW received death threats for his work. It won’t help you get what you want out of the game. It only drives honest people out of the industry and makes you an asshole. Don’t be an asshole.

The forum thread is closed for replies, but the discussion continues on Reddit, but it’s hard to say if any lessons have been learned. Many players are angry about the attacks on developers; others are redoubling their efforts or calling for layoffs. Some argue that Odyssey’s failure brought all the crazies together; others accuse Frontier of lying or using player toxicity to divert attention from the legitimate criticism of the release’s failure. One player even sarcastically called it emergent gameplay, presumably alluding to the fact that Frontier used the term to describe toxic behavior in the game, but did little about it. Maybe that’s the real lesson: In this industry, too many studios have not immediately understood that you get exactly the player base you tolerate.


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