This month, Elite: Dangerous developer Frontier Developments has released a major update for its space adventure, incorporating a month-long campaign into the game, alongside a new feature called “Nav Points”, which should make game-play a lot more enjoyable.

Elite Dangerous has just released the latest update for the long-running space trading and combat simulation, and it’s a sizeable one. The biggest change in version 1.3.1 is the addition of universal docking, which allows players to easily move between ships without having to return to the station menu. There’s also a new type of mission for attacking stations, which requires players to dock with a target and then travel to a nearby location, where they must board an enemy ship. Other changes include improved freight management, voice assistants for unlocking cargo containers, and the ability to find and loot containers without having to open them first.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons’ first monthly dev report is out, and it includes a number of new features for the game, including a new trading interface, some enhancements to the game’s planetary exploration, and the first-ever expansion for Elite Dangerous. Don’t miss out on this month’s dev report, and join the community and developers of Elite Dangerous for a special livestream event in the coming week.

Frontier Developments has tried to release as much information as possible about Elite. Dangerous Odyssey, to reassure fans who think the studio has missed the boat, first with the first of a promised series of monthly articles to inform players of the work being done to fix the expansion ship.

The first monthly report selects the top five problems from the more than 27,000 submitted by players in the problem tracking system and proposes general action plans. Topics include a promise to find ways to improve FPS performance, work on improving deteriorating terrain textures, confirmation that missions against anarcho-factions have too great an impact on the game’s background simulation and are under constant scrutiny, and a few words about recurring terrain features, which are described as a more complex problem but one that the development team is actively working on.

The announcement goes on to talk about a longer update roadmap and reiterates the intention to work on Odyssey for consoles, but notes that previous updates and requests from the community pose challenges to the team’s roadmap and plans so far. We are actively researching, reviewing and rethinking the future roadmap, but these matters will take some time, the report said.

Speaking of more immediate updates for Odyssey, the game has applied the fifth patch, which includes a mission split system, brighter lighting for ship interiors and a significant list of UI improvements to ship outfits, among many other fixes and tweaks. However, this latest update is not without its problems: BugsMauve Adder caused a server restart , there is at least one Blue Cobra error message every time you jump into hyperspace, and another player shared video evidence that the planetary rerouting is worse than in Update 4.

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ViewAccording to the latest updates from Elite: Dangerous developer Frontier Developments, the latest patch for the game’s 4.0 expansion, Horizons, has been released and the list of fixes is rather long. From improving performance to fixing issues with the game’s networking functionality, the developer has made sure to address the majority of issues that popped up after the launch of the expansion.. Read more about elite dangerous: odyssey hotfix 2 and let us know what you think.

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