On December 15th, 2016, Frontier Developments Ltd. announced that Update 11 would be delayed one week due to issues with functional chairs in the Xbox One version of Elite Dangerous. The unexpected delay has caused some worry among fans and players alike as they were looking forward to finally playing beta test 6 on Tuesday, January 3rd 2017.

The “elite dangerous update today” is a delay that was announced by Frontier Developments. The developer has confirmed that the release will be pushed back to next week.

Elite Dangerous once again delays Update 11’s release into next week, confirms functional chairs


You’ll have to wait a little longer to view the interior of your Fleet Carrier in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey’s Update 11 if you’ve been looking forward to it. Frontier Developments has stated that the current patch will be delayed until next week, marking the second time it has been postponed.

According to the announcement, some bugs were discovered during some final checks of the update, which is why the devs will be holding back on the update for the time being. Followers of the game on Twitter likely already saw this coming, as a tweet from this past Monday alluded to the potential for Update 11’s delay.

While there are no release notes on the forum yet, the post announcing the date change does indicate in a picture that chairs will be functioning, allowing Commanders to park their keisters on anything other than a pilot’s seat for the first time. For the time being, you may want to skim over the announcement’s responses for some fantastic chair-related wit.

Salutations, Commanders.

We know you’re waiting for Update 11 with bated breath! The rollout has been postponed until next week in order to guarantee that all seats are as clean and comfortable as possible.

Thank you for your patience. pic.twitter.com/kprr5eISDC

— Elite Dangerous (@EliteDangerous) March 9, 2022


The “Elite Dangerous roadmap 2022” is a blog post that was published by the Frontier development team. In it, they confirm that Update 11 has been delayed into next week. Reference: elite dangerous roadmap 2022.

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