Sunset World Online is a new game from the creative minds behind Element Quest that will build upon everything you love about Element Quest, but with an exciting new look and feel! We hope to see you all come back for another round of adventuring with us in this next chapter

Element Quest is relaunching as Sunset World Online on March 1


We’ve recently covered the growth and collapse of Element Quest, an independent MapleStory-style 2-D MMO that launched on Steam but failed to garner a large enough following or sufficient money to keep it going. MuscleBird Games, the firm that removed the game off Steam, said it may come back with a better experience and a new name in the future. Given that the firm had lost a major developer and was “never near to return-on-investment,” I didn’t expect it to happen at all, much alone so quickly, yet here we are. Today, the team announced a Sunset World Online rerelease that will be available on Steam in only two weeks, under a new Steam profile with a fresh start for reviews.

The phrase “sunset” is generally reserved for games that shut down, so long-time MMO veterans probably just made a face. However, given that it has risen from the dead, it may be fitting here.

In any event, the developers claim that the new game “aims to continue up where Element Quest […] left off,” sans “latency and language concerns.” The game’s appearance remains same, but this version is said to have a better beginning experience, a level maximum of 26, new spells, quests, and places, as well as quality-of-life and interface changes, with early access planned for PC, Mac, and Android. In only a few weeks, it seems like a lot has been added to the game.

“Sunset World Online is a game heavily inspired by the Old-School Maplestory experience. It aims to one day, hopefully, become its successor and bring in the already 3rd-person-saturated MMO world something new and refreshing. Since this is an indie studio, it would naturally take the risk of experimenting with innovative features. With this new release, the developers in-charge have changed their name from XPloria & Musclebird to just Musclebird. They now aim to focus on innovative quality features which are passion-driven instead of trying to appease and reach the widest & most varied audience while focusing on the already enthusiastic players and type of audience this game has.”

The game will be available for early access on PC on March 1st, according to the Steam website, and will include over six hours of single play, as well as trade, guilds, and PvP. The game’s monetization was formerly one of its great qualities; the developers claim they’ll stick with a free-to-play, anti-pay-to-win approach, despite the fact that they thought its Element Quest business model made user acquisition tough.

Source: Steam press release


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