A new four-person dungeon is coming to Elder Scrolls Online, but the most interesting part about it might be what’s in store for future content. Coral Aerie is a zone on Ascending Tide that will see players fighting off sea monsters and exploring underwater ruins of an ancient civilization. The key point here, though, is the mention that this development team wants to make more content like this available.

The “is elder scrolls online good” is a question that has been asked many times. The Elder Scrolls Online teases the upcoming Coral Aerie four-person dungeon.

Elder Scrolls Online teases Ascending Tide’s Coral Aerie four-person dungeon


We’re less than two weeks away from the release of Ascending Tide, The Elder Scrolls Online’s first DLC of the year, and those of you eager for new dungeon content will undoubtedly want to know the specifics. In today’s dev blog, ZeniMax Online has given you exactly that, with a look at one of the upcoming group encounters: The Coral Aerie.

“The Ascendant Order base is intriguing and terrifying in equal measure, but that isn’t the only reason you and your companions travel inside this coral cave. When you enter this new dungeon, you’ll see some recognizable characters if you’ve followed ESO’s Daggerfall Covenant narrative. […] As you go further into the dungeon’s coral cove, you’ll face nasty sea-born creatures and, as you go deeper, the Ascendant Order’s lethal soldiers. Of course, these challenges pale in comparison to the dungeon’s three bosses, as giant yaghra monstrosities, Ascendant Order champions, and even more dangerous foes stand ready to push your teamwork and skills to the limit.”

Summerset’s elven ruins have never been utilized in four-man dungeon material before, according to ZeniMax, so it’s a treat for both players and developers. And it seems like you won’t be able to simply plod through this one in a straight line: ZeniMax suggests, “Stop and smell the coral.” “Those daring enough to travel off the beaten road will be rewarded with nooks and crannies and spots to explore.”

On PC, the DLC is still set to launch on March 14th.


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