The Elder Scrolls Online is a popular action-roleplaying game in the “MMO” genre. It features three major factions, which are the Daggerfall Covenant, Ebonheart Pact and Aldmeri Dominion, who fight for control of Cyrodiil (the eponymous province). Players choose one of these groups as their starting faction and then progress with that group alongside other players from around the world.

The “eso maelstrom arena normal vs veteran” is a guide that will help you understand the differences between the two types of Maelstrom Arena.

Elder Scrolls Online: Maelstrom Arena Guide

The Orsinium DLC adds the Maelstrom Arena to ESO in 2015, providing us access to the Wrothgar zone. You won’t be able to do the Maelstrom Arena unless you have that expansion or ESO+. It’s in the north-east corner of the map, above Orsinium’s major city. Although it has been existed for a long, the weapons you gain after finishing it are still quite useful.

For their backbar weapon set, most meta PVE setups choose the Maelstrom inferno staff (Crushing Wall) or bow (Thunderous Volley). All of the Maelstrom weapons can be used to great effect in a variety of scenarios. Some of the armor sets are also enjoyable to use, but they are not as popular as they once were.

There are lots of tutorials out there that go into great detail on what each adversary does and what to avoid, so we’ll take a different approach in our guide. We’ll go over the fundamentals that will help your first or second pass through the Maelstrom Arena go more smoothly, as well as some of the most critical mechanics to be aware of.

The remainder of the arena will flow much more naturally after you’ve mastered these primary subjects. If you’ve already finished one step, go on to the next to ensure you obtain all you need from this tutorial! We’ll begin with the fundamentals and progress to the particular as time goes on.

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What Should You Expect at the Maelstrom Arena?

You can’t even bring a friend like Mirri or Bastian along for the adventure since this is a solitary arena (and a challenging one at that). You may begin the arena at any level on regular difficulties, but you must be at least level 50 to enter veteran mode. Make sure you’ve selected the appropriate difficulty level in your group finder option, either normal or veteran. You don’t want to finish the game just to discover that it was set to easy when you wanted to complete veteran for the better weaponry.

Before beginning Vet, you’ll probably want to be at least CP 160 with fully leveled gear, but even then, it’ll be easier at CP300+. You’ll notice a substantial rise in your survivability when you equip more slottable CPs. Extra health, recovery, and armor are particularly valuable.

Maelstrom-Load-1024x576 Maelstrom-Load-1024x576 Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios via HGG

A Daedra named Fa-Nuit-Hen will offer you the quest that will lead you to the Maelstrom Arena. Don’t forget to take advantage of this since it essentially saves your progress at the beginning of each level.

The arena is divided into nine levels, each with a distinct sort of monster. Watch cautious for the fire damage from levels 8 and 9 if you’re a vampire. Depending on how a level feels, you may need to adjust your armor setups and tactics. When you first arrive, you should accept the mission that preserves your progress through the levels.

It doesn’t keep track of which phase you’re in. So, if you leave at stage 5, phase 3, when you return, you’ll still be at stage 5, but you’ll have to start from the beginning at phase 1. Tutor Riparius can help you fix your gear, purchase potions, and sell goods you don’t want between stages.

Rewards from the Maelstrom Arena

You’ll get an item from a chest every time you complete a round of the arena, and it’ll be a set piece from Elemental Succession, Glorious Defender, Hunt Leader, Para Bellum, Permafrost, or Winterborn. None of these sets are especially noteworthy or deserving of the arena’s attention. The main reward comes from opening the last stage’s chest, which contains a Maelstrom Arena. You’ll get all of the Maelstrom items in about 15 runs with update 32.

Standard Weapons in the Maelstrom Arena are available on normal difficulty, while perfected Weapons in the Maelstrom Arena with additional benefits are available on veteran level. You may obtain enhancements such as increased critical chance, penetration, and damage.

Complete-1024x775 Complete-1024x775 Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios via HGG

Crushing Wall and Thunderous Volley are arguably tied for greatest item. The inferno staff’s Crushing Wall enhances the damage of light strikes in the region where your unstable wall of elements is. This significantly boosts magicka DPS. Endless Hail’s damage is increased by Thunderous Volley (bow), causing a lot more damage to those who remain inside its AOE. Stamina will be substantially stronger as a result of this.

Another great item from here is Merciless Charge (2h), which causes enemies hit by Stampede to bleed over time. Stampede creates its own ground AOE, which keeps the bleed from Merciless Charge fresh. In compared to the previously stated goods, the repair staff, dual wield, and sword/shield are all lacking. 

Weapons in the Maelstrom Arena Normal “Perfected” veteran
Thunderous Volley – Bow Volley’s damage is increased by 430 each tick. Every time it ticks, this bonus grows by 143 points, accumulating up to a maximum of 8 times. 526 percent likelihood of failure
Crushing Wall – Destruction Staff Enemies in your Wall of Elements take 1353 extra damage from your light and heavy strikes. 1190 penetration on the attacking side
Cruel Flurry – Dual Wield Any damage over time talents you perform within 4 seconds gain 1690 spell and weapon damage when you deal damage with Flurry. 103 damage from spells and weapons
Rampaging Slash – One Hand and Shield When you do damage with Low Slash, your next fully charged heavy strike recovers 1904 magicka and stamina within 5 seconds. 77 recovery of magicka and stamina
Staff for Restoration – Precise Regeneration When you use Regeneration to critically heal, you regain 558 magicka. Simultaneous critical heals are not possible. 526 percent likelihood of failure
Two-Handed – Unforgiving Charge When you deliver damage with critical charge, they will bleed for 1784 seconds, escalating with the greater of your spell or weapon damage. 1190 penetration on the attacking side

Getting ready for the Maelstrom Arena Run

Check out the following items to make your Maelstrom Arena run much simpler to complete:

Magicka > Stamina?

Magicka characters have a better chance of surviving the Maelstrom Arena. This is because they can remain at range longer and have a nearly full stamina pool to evade roll or block powerful assaults. Although light armor provides less protection than medium armor, magicka characters have access to some extremely powerful shields that help them succeed (EX: light armor skill Harness Magicka). Characters with high stamina may also perform well, although they will be drained of the energy required to avoid the numerous destructive attacks found in MA. Characters with high stamina can compensate for being up close and personal by using powerful shield abilities (EX: 2H skill Brawler). To preserve your distance, you may use a bow or a bow construct. 

Food and Potions are consumables.

Sugar-Skulls-again-1-855x1024 Sugar-Skulls-again-1-855x1024 Tripot-again-1-926x1024 Tripot-again-1-926x1024 Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios via HGG

This is a stumbling block for many gamers, yet it makes all the difference. Some games don’t need you to use food or potions as often as ESO does, and you can get by just fine without them while questing.

Arenas are unique. Arenas put your playstyle and build to the test, and if you don’t have some extra health and damage, you can lose out on progressing to the next arena level by a hair. Make a meal and potion option on your hot bar so you can quickly get to them.

Nothing is more frustrating than almost beating the MA only to have your food buff vanish while the final boss obliterates your health bar. It occurs, but it’s not something you’ll want to happen again. Take it from someone who has been through it several times. To help you maximize your character, here are some meal and potion options:

  • Bewitched Sugar Skulls (4620 health, 4250 magicka/stamina, and 462 health recovery) are the best overall choice for survival. This pricey dish is only available during the witches festival and can only be obtained at guild shops. You can also just buy the crafted food until you figure out how to make it yourself. Tri-Pot is a potion that restores all resource pools and gives you a 30% bonus to stat recovery.
  • Solitude Salmon Millet Soup or equivalent (5395 health, 4936 magicka), which is a simple recipe to find, is best for magicka. Ghastly Eye Bowl (4592 magicka, 459 magicka recovery) is superior for maintain if you don’t require additional health. This can also be obtained during the witches festival or on guild merchants. Potion: Essence of Spell Power – increases spell damage, spell critical, and magicka by 20%.
  • Garlic Cod with Potato Crust or comparable (5395 health, 4936 stamina), which is also a simple dish to discover, is best for stamina. If you don’t require additional health, Lava Foot Soup-and-Saltrice (4936 stamina, 493 stamina recovery) is a good choice for long-term sustain. This can be found at guild traders or during the New Life Festival. ➡️ Potion: Weapon Power Essence — Increases weapon damage, weapon critical, and stamina by 20%.


The CP Reaving Blows or the Ring of the Pale Order will assist you control the damage you incur in the MA. Reaving Blows heals you for 7% of the direct damage you inflict, while Ring of the Pale Order heals you for 20% of the damage you deal (damage over time abilities do not trigger this).

Using skills like the Nightblade’s Swallow Soul or the Templar’s Puncturing Sweep to manage your health is also a good idea. The Briarheart set, which can be found in Wrothgar, can also be used, as it heals you from critical damage while also increasing your spell and weapon damage. There are a variety of methods to get lifesteal, so make sure you have some on hand, particularly if you’re playing on Veteran level. 


Setting up the setups you wish to employ will most likely vary from how you normally quest or run dungeons. In a solitary situation, you’ll need to concentrate more on defense since you’ll be suffering a lot of damage. Briarheart (from Wrothgar) and Ring of the Pale Order (from scrying) are both fantastic to utilize, as previously stated.

Briarheart-612x1024 Briarheart-612x1024 Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios via HGG

False God’s Devotion for magicka and Vicious Serpent for stamina are arguably the greatest sustain/mobility sets to employ. Wretched Vitality is also good, but it doesn’t give you the 30 percent movement speed boost that major expedition and the other two do. You’ll need more than just hard hitting to manage your recovery, so setting aside a set for this will guarantee you don’t run out of steam halfway through a battle.

There are areas of the Maelstrom Arena where burst damage is critical, such as the last fight of the 7th level, the Vault of Umbrage. While having a slow and consistent DPS is more effective at times, such as during the 5th stage Rink of Frozen Blood final monster, having a fast and steady DPS is more useful at other times. You’ll want one set that focuses on damage and another that focuses on defense, and you may choose between greater damage, defense, or recuperation depending on how you feel once the other sets are taken into consideration. Iceheart and Engine Guardian are two tried-and-true Monster Sets that assist players maintain their health throughout the MA. 

If you’re a veteran, make sure all of your gear is at least purple epic grade, or blue superior if you’re a normal. It’s also crucial to have the correct qualities, whether they’re divines (for additional damage or stats with your mundus) or reinforced (for more armor). If you have the opportunity, gold out your weapons. Boosting your armor/jewelry to gold rarity will give you a big damage increase, but raising your weapons to gold rarity will give you a huge damage boost.

Consider switching to Lover for the additional penetration you won’t have access to without a tank’s taunt debuff if you’re running Thief for the increased damage through crit chance. If you find yourself being wiped out by opposing strikes, Lord’s increased health may also aid. 

Mobility & Kiting

Moving around slowly will not only help you avoid taking a lot of AOE damage, but it will also let you to see more of what is going on around you. In the MA, staying in one place for too long will almost always result in death, therefore practicing kiting foes to dodge damage is essential. Sets that grant major expedition, such as False God’s or Vicious Serpent, are excellent for avoiding enemies and will reduce your reliance on the haste sigil, which we’ll discuss later.

Enchantments & Poisons

Put a weapon damage glyph on your back bar weapon, and have a weapon ability you can use to proc it. The most prevalent ones are Unstable Wall of Elements and Endless Hail, both of which are boosted by Maelstrom weaponry. Regularly increasing your weapon/spell damage will make the arena much simpler to control, enabling you to quickly blast down tough foes. 

The Best Use

Make sure to utilize your ultimate as often as possible, but reserve it for when it’s most required. You don’t want to be sitting on 500 ultimate charge for the bulk of the battle, but you do need it to burst down high-priority adversaries. Low-cost ultimates can help with this since you can cycle them into battles more easily without having to worry about squandering them at the wrong moment. 

Against a single target, AOE Damage

In the Maelstrom arena, AOE damage is clearly better. Because you seldom concentrate on a single adversary, filling your ability bars with AOE talents will help you a lot. There will be moments when you need to go all out on a single adversary, but you won’t be dismayed to see that your AOE damage is dropping as well. When you’re fighting a huge group of people, causing damage across a broad area is always a top concern. Nightblades, I apologize for the inconvenience. Surprisingly, I prefer playing my nightblade on Maelstrom Arena the most because of their excellent lifesteal abilities, however the absence of AOE focus may be annoying at times. 

The Maelstrom Arena’s interior


Sigil-Activate-1024x766 Sigil-Activate-1024x766 Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios via HGG

These provide temporary boosts that might come in handy in a hurry. There are four to take, and they all reset as the stage’s next phase begins. There’s Power (weapon/spell damage enhancement), Defense (damage reduction and reflection of ranged attacks), Healing (timed healing), and Haste (quick healing) (extra movement speed). Make advantage of them the first time you go through; there’s no reason not to. They each last 30 seconds and may be combined with other sigil benefits. You will get an award if you can complete veteran mode without using sigils. If you use them, you’ll gain less “points” towards your total arena score compared to other players, and only the highest-scoring players will get additional arena goodies in the mail. 

You’ll want to pace your usage of them, aligning your ultimate timing with Power to burst down a monster before they become hazardous. Defense is fantastic against some of the more powerful ranged strikes, particularly when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Healing is important if your build lacks it, and Haste might help you better kite foes or reach the other sigils faster. 

Prioritization of Objectives

Take down ranged foes as swiftly as possible. They frequently cause the greatest damage, and if their numbers aren’t reduced soon enough, they may overwhelm you. Prioritize archers and mages, but keep an eye out for melee attackers attempting to CC you. 

The Most Important Advice for Each Stage

Stage 1 – Vale of the Surreal: There isn’t much to say here except that you should try to stack enemies close together so that the AOE can burn them down faster. This is mostly an introduction to the arena’s fundamentals, where you may test out the sigils and get a sense for the various phases’ waves. 

Sigil-Active-1024x716 Sigil-Active-1024x716 Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios via HGG

Stage 2 – Seht’s Balcony: The difficulty level increases, owing to the whirling blades and the electrified central region. Stay away from the electrified section; there are no spinning blades there, but if you are stunned, you’ll start receiving a lot of damage. You may now heal in the previously electrified region by pulling one of the two levers that stops the blades from moving around. The last boss is the most tough, as you must battle three centurions. Try to stack them by pulling them across to one another and laying down your AOE ground abilities. 

Maelstrom-1-1024x859 Maelstrom-1-1024x859 Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios via HGG

Stage 3 – Toxic Shock Drome: Avoid the poisonous water and dart between the three islands as you kite foes. Kill the stranglers so they don’t drag you across the map and into the toxic water when it’s not convenient. The last boss has a nasty aoe that you can easily kite past, but everything else is quite straightforward. 

Maelstrom-2-1024x840 Maelstrom-2-1024x840 Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios via HGG

Focus down the clockwork centuries that come out like clockwork in Stage 4 – Seht’s Flywheel. They travel slowly towards the center, but since the center covers your view of the opposite side, they might be overlooked. Rotate about the area on a frequent basis to avoid them setting up shop, becoming invulnerable, and inflicting harm on you while you’re powerless to stop them.

The last boss demands you to remain under it while it walks to escape damage, and then move out from underneath it when it stops walking to avoid a huge damaging AOE. Try to burn it down as rapidly as possible while traveling under it, making sure to get rid of the sentinels. 

Maelstrom-3-1024x586 Maelstrom-3-1024x586 Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios via HGG

Stage 5 – Rink of Frozen Blood: You’ll notice a significant increase in difficulty at this point. The frost troll attempting to break the ice platforms is your first objective. You’ll need the ice platforms since standing in water for too long will slow you down and maybe kill you.

Maelstrom-4-1024x583 Maelstrom 4 Troll Priority (Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios via HGG)

Always kill the troll first. However, since archers and wizards deliver so heavy damage, you’ll need to dispatch them swiftly. When the final boss’s health is low enough, he summons waves of archers and mages, so it’s crucial to take him down carefully. It’s also worth noting that after Matriarch Runa smashes the ice platform, they’re at 75 percent health, 45 percent health, and the final island is just a DPS check. You will perish if you are standing on the island when Runa destroys it. If you don’t kill Runa soon enough, the final platform will be destroyed, thus preserving the platform with the power symbol until last is a good option. 

Maelstrom-4-death-904x1024 Maelstrom-4-death-904x1024 Water Damage (Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios via HGG)

Spiral Shadows (Stage 6): This encounter might be perplexing since you must divide your focus throughout the area. Four exterior pillars and one center pillar will be present. Each one will be webbed, and when you kill the Hoarvor next to the pillar or synergize with it to toss it at one, the webs will fall away. When a swarm of spiders is summoned, go to a luminous pillar to avoid being devoured alive.

Maelstrom-5-1024x838 Maelstrom-5-1024x838 Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios via HGG

All enemies will be stunned for a period of time after each pillar is freed. Keep an eye out for Webspinner spiders that come out to re-web the pillars and destroy them before they finish. The final monster will inflict more damage as their health drops, thus timing the 5 pillar clear stun + power sigil is an excellent method to take her out quickly before she can respond. 

Vault of Umbrage (Stage 7): This is my least favorite stage. It’s a party. Plants will spawn in random locations throughout the stages. If you walk over them, they will explode after a second or so, inflicting a debuff on you that will instantly kill you. You can escape the debuff by dodging roll and sprinting past them rapidly, but this might backfire if you are poisoned anyway.

Maelstrom-6-1024x855 Maelstrom-6-1024x855 Venomcaller Priority (Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios via HGG)

This poison can be cleansed in special pools on either side of the arena that vanish after use. After each wave/phase of the fight, they, like sigils, reset. These plants will be summoned and exploded by venomcallers (mages who spawn on one of four particular stone sites). You must concentrate on them while avoiding any adjacent vegetation.

The last monster, the Argonian Behemoth, requires considerable dexterity as well. It’s tough mostly because of the plants, but it may be a pain if you don’t take him down in a certain sequence. The monster will call two Argonian Minders who will form a barrier around themselves and the boss, then zip to you like a sorcerer’s ability streak, perhaps killing you if both of them strike you.

Maelstrom-6-death-883x1024 Maelstrom-6-death-883x1024 Poison Plant Damage (Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios via HGG)

If you kill them, the boss will start screaming at you, killing you quickly unless you hide under one of the Minders’ shields. If you try to stop him, he will grow agitated, and any strikes you take from him will be severe. To get out of this, kill one Minder, hide in the shield of the other Minder while the boss yells, and then kill the second Minder as soon as the yelling stops. Make sure you don’t have any summons active that may target the minder instead of the shield, leading it to be depleted.

Stage 8 – Igneous Cistern: This area is all about causing flame damage, and it’s actually a lot easier than the stage before it. The most important thing is to stop any wizard from performing an overtime ability. As long as there is a stone obelisk up, the mini boss and main boss will become invulnerable.

To begin destroying the mini bosses, you only need to knock down one of the stone obelisks, however the main monster needs you to take down all three. After destroying the obelisks, enemies who are shielded by the stones are stunned.

Maelstrom-7-1024x584 Maelstrom-7-1024x584 Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios via HGG

After the stones have been stunned, the primary boss will ask you to demolish them once again. They all attack severely, particularly the big monster, so maintain your distance while destroying the stones and opponents.

Stage 9 – Theater of Despair: The last round, and getting right at the final boss battle requires considerable experience. Things are simple at first, as you take down adverts and make sure summoners don’t get to the point where they start summoning tougher foes in the center.

There will be blue ghosts floating about that will hurt and delay you, as well as the rare golden glowing ghost that will enhance foes it comes into contact with. You’ll want to get there first, and after channeling the ghost’s ability on the third gathering, you may stun the whole region for many seconds. When channeling the stun on low health, be cautious; I died before casting it. 

There are a few things to keep in mind while dealing with Voriak Solkyn, the last boss. While you’d want to knock him down soon, this isn’t a race. When he starts channeling, be sure to interrupt him. Otherwise, you’ll receive a lot of damage that’ll be difficult to handle.

Maelstrom-8-1024x583 Maelstrom-8-1024x583 Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios via HGG

It’s always more vital to focus on controlling advertisements than it is to burn him down. So you don’t be bombarded with additional commercials, interrupt casters and always kill summoners. He’ll teleport up top when he’s at 70% health. You’ll be attacked by an electric clannfear, which you must kill over the glowing gateway that forms in the arena and transports you up. This is the most difficult portion; you must destroy three crystals while dodging the boss’s attacks. He’ll produce a clear animation in which he tosses a skull at you. If you don’t dodge roll this, you’ll be tossed off the top ring and into the lava below, where you’ll have to take down advertisements before returning to the top. You’ll suffer more damage the longer you remain on top.

Follow the rock barrier that hovers around the ring after burning down the crystals. As the monster prepares his aoe attack, the rock shield will float about, knocking you off the arena unless you are behind the rock barrier. This forces you to swiftly DPS the crystals while moving and avoiding the mechanics that push you off. It becomes more complex. He’ll return after you’ve done this, and you can go to town on them while simultaneously taking out advertisements and stopping the mages’ channeled powers. 

Make sure that Voriak Solkyn does not receive the golden glowing ghosts, as once he collects three he’ll get a nasty attack. Instead, collect these and use them so you can freeze the summoner and other ads so you can freely take them down. Continue to interrupt him and burn him down, and eventually you’ll have your hands on some great Weapons in the Maelstrom Arena! 

Be a part of the High Ground

We hope you acquire the Maelstrom arena weapon you want the first time through, but if not, we hope this guide will help you earn the rest quickly and painlessly. Follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on anything ESO. 

The “eso maelstrom arena rewards” is a guide for the Maelstrom Arena, which is the PvP mode in Elder Scrolls Online. The Maelstrom Arena is a 4v4 game where players can compete to earn gold and experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What level should I be at maelstrom arena?

A: The best answer is to find the level that suits you. Theres no way of knowing what level would be good for someone else, so its important to try out different levels and see which one makes you feel comfortable in how well Beat Saber can beat your enemies.

How do I beat maelstrom arena?

A: Maelstrom is a wave-based arena that requires you to use your abilities and weapons in order to survive. You only have 2 lives in this mode, so its essential that you know how to be quick on your feet. The best way to do this is by knowing all of the power up locations around the map.

Can you solo maelstrom arena?

A: I cannot answer your question because it has not been answered yet.

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