Elden Ring is a new game that places you in the shoes of an adventurer who has been tasked with uncovering lost memories from Elden, the world’s largest living tree. The game was developed by indie studio Long Way North and it released on Steam earlier this year to critical acclaim. There are numerous ways to earn memory stones: completing quests, finding rare items and defeating enemies can all yield a stone or two.

The “memory stones elden ring location” is a guide that will help you find the memory stones in The Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Memory Stones | Where to Find – Guide Fall

In Elden Ring, using Incantations and Sorceries is an important strategic component of warfare. You only have two slots for remembering spells as you begin your quest. There are various Memory Stones scattered across the environment that may be used to improve your spell capability. We’ll tell you where to get them and how to get them.

Where Can I Find All of Elden Ring’s Memory Stones?

memory-stone-640x360Where Can I Find All of Elden Ring's Memory Stones?

There are a total of eight Memory Stones at Elden Ring, and they are strewn over the place. Two are dropped by bosses, two are atop towers, and the other two are hidden behind obstacles. You’ll have to put in some effort if you want to acquire them all.

In Roundtable Hold, buy from Twin Maiden Husks.

The first Memory Stone is the most straightforward to get. The Twin Maiden Husks may buy a Memory Stone for 3,000 Runes after they have gained entrance to Roundtable Hold.

Tower that has been converted

This one, too, won’t require much work. When you get at Liurnia, proceed to the lake’s western side. The Coverted Tower may be found at the bottom of the road that runs west along the shore. Climb to the top of the tower to discover a Memory Stone hidden within a treasure box.

The Memory Stone of Oridys’s Ascension

This stone may be found at Oridys’s Rise, a tower south of Limgrave on the Weeping Peninsula. To get to the tower, you’ll have to ride Torrent. Ride east from the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace to the Spiritspring, which will place you on a rampart. From here, you can go to the tower. You will, however, be required to complete a challenge in order to be admitted. To shatter the seal, you must seek for the “Three Wise Beasts.” You’ll have to slaughter three tortoises:

  1. The first is located immediately north of the tower’s entryway.
  2. The second one lies to the left of the entry stairs, facing the tower.
  3. The final one is located west of the tower in a pond. To discover and kill the final tortoise, attack splashes in the water.

Because the seal will be broken, ascend to the top of the tower to claim your Memory Stone.

The Challenge of Tetsu’s Ascension

Tetsu’s Rise, another tower in the Liurnia of the Lakes area, comes next. It’s located on a tiny island north of Raya Lucaria Academy and may be reached by foot or Torrent. This one, too, is sealed, forcing you to kill three more tortoises while also generating Ghostly Skeletons to obstruct your progress. Make sure you have a bow or a ranged spell with you as well.

  1. Kill the first one by following the cliffs north of the tower.
  2. The second one lies south of the tower, behind the cliffs, on a lower height.
  3. The final one is in a tree east of the tower, and here is where you’ll need your bow or ranged spell.

Go to the top, much like Oridys’ Tower, and claim your Memory Stone.

The Ascension of Seluvis

Further north of Tetsu’s Rise, and a short distance north of the Kingsrealm Ruins is The Ascension of Seluvis. This tower is also sealed, so continue northwest until you come to Ranni’s Rise, then speak with Ranni the Witch. Agree to her request for your servitude and she will ask that you speak to three other people, who are in spiritual forms on the first floor of the tower. Seluvis is one of these people, and he will ask you to meet him at his tower. Once you’re done chatting, go back to his tower and speak with him again. Afterward, climb the ladder behind him to the top to find the Memory Stone.

The Ascension of Lenne

The last of the tower areas is The Ascension of Lenne in the northeastern section of Dragonbarrow, in Caelid. Go to the south side of the tower and find a Spiritspring. Use this to jump up high and land on the nearby roof. From here, drop onto the balcony that is slightly covered by trees. From here, you can just head up into the tower and grab your Memory Stone.

Raya Lucaria Academy – Radagon’s Red Wolf

The Red Wolf of Radagon, which can be found within the Raya Lucaria Academy, is the first one you’ll encounter. Because this is a necessary boss, you will always earn a Memory Stone if you beat it. It’s not as difficult as most other bosses since it’s a necessary battle. Use summons to keep it distracted, and you should be able to win this battle very easily.

Mt. Gelmir, Hermit Village – Queen Maggie

Finally, the Demi-Human Queen Maggie, an optional boss, may be found north of the Hermit Village on Mt. Gelmir. She is a big, emaciated monster with magical abilities that is accompanied by spellcasters. Fortunately, she isn’t a very difficult employer. Stay on horseback and give glancing blows while dodging her spells to take down her flunkies and, as a result, her. She will drop a Memory Stone if you vanquish her.

That concludes our tour of Elden Ring’s Memory Stones. Check out some of our other tutorials for additional helpful advice:

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