Elden Ring is a game with an in-depth story, challenging battles and engaging gameplay. In the land of Zamor, you are tasked with reclaiming your home from an evil overlord who has destroyed it. You’ll need to use wits and strength to take down enemies across six unique landscapes as you travel through time wards towards destiny..

The “elden ring ancient hero of zamor reddit” is a game that was released in February of 2018. It’s a free-to-play RPG with an intriguing story and beautiful graphics. The game has been getting good reviews from players, but it can be difficult to get started.

Elden Ring: How to Beat The Ancient Hero of Zamor

If you’ve played Elden Ring for a time, you’re probably aware of how challenging and harsh the game’s bosses can be. The Ancient Hero of Zamor is one of the most difficult bosses. This is a strange and intriguing boss that employs ice magic to destroy his enemies.

To defeat this monster, you’ll need a strong plan to take him out while causing the least amount of damage to yourself. But how are you going to accomplish it? What is the greatest approach to protect yourself against his attacks?

I’ll tell you precisely how I’m going to murder him and how you can do it in no time.

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How to Easily Beat Him

So, without further ado, let’s get started with our Elden Ring guide on how to defeat the Ancient Hero of Zamor!

What is the location of Zamor’s Ancient Hero?

20220324112625_1-1024x576 What is the location of Zamor's Ancient Hero? Map Screen Shot Image: FromSoftware Inc & BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment via Koby Gibson Ross / HGG

The Ancient Hero of Zamor is an optional boss that may be found in a variety of places. The first and most probable occasion you’ll run against him is at the Weeping Evergaol, which is right south of the spawn place.

Because there is a large water gap between spawn and the evergaol, you must go southeast from spawn and over the Bridge of Sacrifice. Simply head southwest and drive to the specified area in the middle of the picture above after you’ve crossed it.

If you observe a collection of Abnormal Stone Clusters clustered around a big, circular stone edifice that resembles a tiny plaza, you’ve arrived.

I’m not sure how I’m going to beat him.

20220329231338_1-1024x576 I'm not sure how I'm going to beat him. Image: FromSoftware Inc & BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment via Koby Gibson Ross / HGG

He’ll spawn directly in front of you when you initially activate the evergaol. There will be a pile of rocks adjacent to a cliff to your left (as shown above). Don’t go there just yet, but keep this place in mind.

The Initial Phase

This boss is not nearly as aggressive as you would think (at least, not in the first half of the fight). He spends much of his The Initial Phase pacing around before striking. This gives you a moment to attack him before he attacks you. Make sure you get really close when striking at him during this part, as he will sometimes dodge your attack by jumping far back. Use a heavy attack if you are a melee user.

You’ll want to utilize your shield to prevent most of his assaults if he decides to attack. Roll backwards if you run out of stamina. He should only have one or two swings remaining by then before giving you a reprieve.

Keep your shield down whenever he isn’t actively hitting. This helps your stamina to replenish more quickly. In between hits, I generally drop my shield for a second or two to give myself a burst of stamina, which greatly helps.

The Second Stage

Once you get his health down to the halfway point, he will be vulnerable for a few seconds while he charges up his sword. As soon as he kneels down, run up to him and hit him with everything you’ve got. Now that you are in the The Second Stage, you’ll want to jump on that pile of rocks we mentioned earlier.

It’s far more difficult for him to strike you while you’re on top. His hitbox will connect with the pebbles as he charges at you. This prevents him from moving any farther, and he’ll swing at the air while you stay back. This is an excellent spot to stay for the second part of the battle.

20220329231500_1-1024x576 Enemy Felled Elden Ring Screen Shot Image: FromSoftware Inc & BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment via Koby Gibson Ross / HGG

Simply move up to him (while still on the rocks) and hit him with a couple quick strikes after he rushes at you and finishes all of his assaults. If you’re a ranged character, this section is more easy since you can maintain your distance from him at all times!

Just take care! I’ve discovered that he’ll sometimes clip through the rocks rather than being caught, enabling him to climb over and approach you. If this occurs, keep your shield up every time he rushes at you. If that happens, just jump back down and wait for him to assault you again. Climb back up and repeat the procedure after he is off the ledges.

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So that wraps up our guide to defeating the Ancient Hero of Zamor in Elden Ring! Was this guide useful to you?

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The “ancient hero of zamor elden ring drop” is a gameplay mechanic in the game Elden Ring. Here’s how to beat the ancient hero of Zamor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to defeat Ancient Hero of Zamor?

A: You can try using your starting sword to stun him. Then, run up close and quickly slash at his face with the new blade that youll get from defeating Odin in World 1-1 (you should have two blades). If hes too far away or if it doesnt work out, then use a power move on one of his arms like Dark Valkyries Pounce Soul Blade.

How to beat Zamor?

Where is Ancient Hero of Zamor elden ring?

A: The ring is located in the secret area of the level Elden Hollow. You can find it by jumping off one of the gazebos into a hole that leads to an underground temple with several chests containing goodies like coins and health potions.

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