Tabaxi are a cat-like race from the Dungeons and Dragons universe. Now, it appears as though players will be able to create characters that exemplify these feline creatures through an upcoming update. The new tabaxi character class comes in addition to other changes being made for DDO’s seventh content patch, which includes improved loot distribution and group balancing.,

The “tabaxi names” is a new race that will be introduced to the Isle of Dread. The race has cat-like features and will include their own unique abilities.

Dungeons and Dragons Online preps cat-like Tabaxi race for Isle of Dread


The press is pawed! Oh my my, this is purrfect. Dungeons & Dragons Online is currently developing a new cat-like race known as the Tabaxi in preparation for its forthcoming spring expansion.

No, we’re not kitten you with a tall tail. Friend of the site DDO Central pawsitively assured us that Standing Stone Games is prepping the Tabaxi for Isle of Dread. We got an advance glance at a rogue and monk from the Lamannai test server this week, and they litterally look cool.

According to the Dungeons & Dragons wiki, the Tabaxi “are a fictional race of feline-humanoids. Resembling humanoid leopards or jaguars, they are a primitive, reclusive people dwelling in jungles who are sometimes led by giant, evil versions of them called Tabaxi Lords. Although sometimes known as catfolk or cat-people, they seem to be distinct from the catfolk described in the Miniatures Handbook and Races of the Wild.”

Honestly? This relocation doesn’t bother us at all.

Here are some first images of the new Tabaxi player race which will be included in the Isle of Dread expansion this summer. This is a female Tabaxi rogue. 1/2

— DDOCentral (@ddocentral) April 13, 2022

Here are some first images of the new Tabaxi player race which will be included in the Isle of Dread expansion this summer. This is a male Tabaxi Trailblazer monk Iconic (fights with a quarterstaff). 2/2

— DDOCentral (@ddocentral) April 13, 2022

Druidsfire, a YouTuber, also gives a preview of the race:

Source: Twitter. Thanks to DDO Central for the pics!


The “tabaxi 5e race” is a cat-like race that was recently announced for the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons Online. The Tabaxi are a race of hunters, who can be found on the Isle of Dread.

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