During the first year of Disgaea 6, the protagonist is working with the king of the Netherworld’s advisor, hoping to get a job. He’s a middling hero, but will he make it big and become a hero thanks to his employer?

You can’t talk about Disgaea without first talking about the millions of dollars these games have made for the franchise. One of the most recent examples of this was Disgaea 6 which broke all sorts of records at launch. It’s not hard to see why either. Not only is it the biggest Disgaea game to date (and one of the best RPGs of all time), it’s also one of the most beautiful games you’ll ever play. In case you’re wondering, Disgaea 6 is also a bit of a cheat. But hey, at least it’s a cheat to make you happy.

Disgaea 6 was released on December 9, 2017 and is currently the number one PSP and PS Vita game. Compared to its predecessor, Disgaea 6 offers a more refined and enjoyable gameplay experience with new features, such as the 24-hours mode and the new Soul System. With the Soul System, players will be able to evolve their characters using their hearts, which will give great rewards.

Home Cheats Disgaea 6 Money Cheat

This Disgaea 6 money cheat for HL currency shows you how to collect money quickly in NIS’s tactical RPG game using a secret money growth trick.

As for cheating money with in-game currency, you should use it as you see fit. This issue may be fixed in future updates, but for now it works, so hurry up and use it while it lasts!

Disgaea 6 Money Cheats

Here’s an easy way to get a lot of money fast in Disgaea 6. With this money cheat, you can get tons of money as explained below…..

Place of fraud: How do you get more money? You need to visit a cheat shop and get some money. There is a hidden money trick in Disgaea 6 that allows you to get 6 billion HL per minute or 240 billion HL per hour. What’s more, you can double these numbers if you boost your skill to the maximum level of 9,999, as you’ll do more than twice as much damage. You can then increase your profits even further with a higher INT!

Phases of monetary fraud:

Time is of the essence: Ten o’clock.

What is the best way to make money in Disgaea 6?

  1. Termination of cash management

Play as a mage from the galaxy, who has an elemental attack that gives you 334 million percent more power for your damage (even if it’s almost all your character’s power, it’s worth it). Combine this Elemental Radiance attack with your character’s Damage Reward – Evility skill, which allows you to gain LH when you deal damage to enemy units.

  1. Cash flow adjustment

Equipped with special devices: Elemental Burst, disable all others so he repeats this move when you activate Autobattle.
The Demonic Intelligences (D.I.) are equipped as follows: Full attack only.
Install this Evility in your slots: Moderate Magic, Damage Reward, Handicap, Taste of Victory, Magic Collection, Mana Deficit, Combat Nemesis, Blessing of the Stars. * The Evilty character of Galactic Mage can be purchased in the Evilty shop, the rest can be obtained by Super Reincarnation.

  1. Go to Cheat Shop

From the main menu, choose Characters, Cheat Shop, Customize Settings and Money to adjust the amount of money earned from 100% to 150% or more, if possible.

  1. Beginning of agricultural income

In the Select Step menu of the main menu, start Step 2-3 : The rich man’s place. Play the scene with only one Galaxy Mage character on your team. Activate Autobattle mode by pressing the + button on the Switch controller. Now your money is growing at a rate of 6 billion HL per minute! You can use your billions of HL money to upgrade your characters as much as possible, master all their classes, etc. Have fun!

Complete Disgaea 6 Money Cheat Guide Video :


Guide to making money with Disgaea 6 – a simple and effective way to make money (HL Farming)

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