CD PROJEKT RED, the developers behind The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077 recently released a new strategy game called “Diplomacy Is Not An Option” on Steam Early Access. In it they take diplomacy to the next level by turning people into slaves which can lead to various outcomes in gameplay such as becoming more powerful or choosing your own path in-game.

The “Manor Lords” is a strategy game that has been released on Steam Early Access. The game is set in the medieval times and players are required to build up their own kingdom.

Diplomacy Is Not An Option Enters Steam Early Access

Diplomacy Is Not An Option Enters Steam Early Access Next Month

Diplomacy Is Not An Option will reach Steam Early Access early next month, according to publisher and developer Door 407. The game, which was supposed to be out in late January, will now take a few weeks longer before putting gamers against hordes of peasants.

Diplomacy Is Not An Option is a tower defense game with city building features. places you in the unfortunate position of a medieval lord entrusted with protecting their domains from rebellious peasants while their monarch is abroad waging other conflicts and seeking huge gold in other regions.

Diplomacy Is Not An Option Enters Steam Early Access Next Month

Diplomacy Is Not An Option Enters Steam Early Access Next Month

The game lets you establish a village surrounded by thick walls, towers, and defensive emplacements like trebuchets, as well as providing you a trained army, which is perhaps why facing “almost 10,000 enemy” alone seems like a poor idea.

Because Diplomacy Is Not An Option is based on physics, there are no hit scan ranged weapons. You’ll need to be cautious about tower placement and make sure that all of your ranged soldiers have good sightlines in order to arrow the oncoming peasants or crush them beneath huge boulders.

Immense fireballs and a moving pillar of lightning cause massive damage, but you’ll need a robust economy to expand your town and recruit your army.

Food, wood, stone, iron, and gold are all needed by your base and troops. The merchant dirigible may give an emergency injection of resources when under siege.

Aside from peasant revolts, your soldiers face famine, and unburied bodies may spread illness across your community.

Diplomacy Is Not an Option will be released into Steam Early Access on February 9, with the first two missions accessible to players who accept the challenge.

The campaign mode will be prioritized by the developer, who plans to release the entire version later this year. More information is available on Steam.

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