Destiny 2 is finally out, and it’s a much-anticipated release. As with any game, there are some fun things to do in Destiny 2: how about creating your own witch queen? This guide will show you the step by step process of crafting one from scratch so that you can play her like a boss!

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Destiny 2 Weapon Crafting Guide: Witch Queen Preview

One of the most difficult aspects in Destiny 2 is finding the correct weapon with the proper bonuses. Hours of grinding, constant deconstructing, narrowing down what and how you play, and a whole lot of luck are typically required. With the addition of weapon making, all of that is about to change.

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Is it possible to make weapons in Destiny 2?

Not all weapons will be accessible to create right once with the release of The Witch Queen and Season 16. The new approach will only apply to newly added Legendary weapons as part of the expansion and season. Fortunately, this means we’ll still have 42 new weapons to unlock, fine-tune, and upgrade. 

While a comprehensive plan for new and improved weaponry has yet to be announced, it’s reasonable to predict that each season in 2022 will see significant decreases. 

Weapon Crafting in Destiny 2: How to Unlock It

While Bungie hasn’t specified how weapon crafting will be unlocked, they have said that it will be included early in the main campaign. As part of the first and second tasks, you’ll be given an introduction quest that leads you through the procedure. This will provide you the power to see into the future and show you where you will be creating.

Destiny-2-Weapon-Crafting-Guide-Witch-Queen-Preview Destiny 2 Witch Queen Preview Bungie Inc. image

All of this aids in the construction of your first Glaive. This initial project isn’t meant to be a long ordeal; instead, it provides you with all of the materials you’ll need, as well as a fast instruction on how to get more for future builds. Once you’ve finished crafting your Galive, you’ll be able to unlock and construct additional weapons.

Where Is it possible to make weapons in Destiny 2?

You know how Mars was engulfed by the Darkness and hasn’t been seen in a long time? It’s back now. In certain ways, yes. It’s also where you’ll make weaponry. It is no longer an engagement zone for you to Patrol and perform objectives in The Witch Queen. Instead, you’ll only have access to the Enclave, a new social place with NPC Guardians, a mystery board to investigate, and a lower level.

JB_Weapon_Crafting_04-1024x576 Destiny 2 character screen shot Bungie Inc. image

You’ll discover the Relic down the stairs, an old machine that has been inactive for an unknown period of time. It seems to have a variety of molds and systems for creating components and whole weapons. And it is here that you will devote all of your time to the creation of weaponry.

Weapon Crafting in Destiny 2: Step-by-Step Instructions

After you’ve completed your Glaive and have officially opened weapon making, the first thing you’ll need to do is find Patterns. These are the blueprints or building blocks for weapon construction, which may be obtained by completing missions and other goals. Once you’ve obtained a Pattern, you may construct it anytime you choose.

Shape_Screen_UI_EN-1024x576 Weapon Build Shape Screen Shot Bungie Inc. image

Patterns, on the other hand, are just the beginning.

It’s all about acquiring randomly rolled weapons using a new feature called Deepsight Resonance these days. Weapons with this characteristic will be highlighted in red, indicating that you may extract the essence of a certain Perk for crafting purposes. To do so, you must first achieve a certain goal, such as utilizing the weapon in battle, before you may use the Perk for crafting.

To begin making, you’ll also need to gather a number of new ingredients. This contains items such as:

  • Element of Neutrality
  • Alloy with a Resonant Frequency
  • Element of Dexterity
  • Alloy Ascendant
  • and a Destructive Element

The difficulty of obtaining them will most likely vary, and they will not be necessary for every construction. Furthermore, not every Pattern is compatible with every characteristic, so make sure you’re paying attention to what you’re attempting to create to avoid wasting time.

Changing the Shape of Your Weapons

The beauty of making is that after you’ve put together a weapon, you’re not stuck with it. Indeed, our new crafting system is built on experimenting and retooling to help you identify the best builds for your playstyle. The Relic’s Reshape function encapsulates this, allowing you to modify the components of a particular weapon.

Weapon_Crafting_Intro_EN-1024x576 Shape and Reshaping in Destiny 2 Weapon Crafting Bungie Inc. image

While you can’t modify a Pattern’s totality, you may change the barrel, mages, and other qualities that are accessible. While this aspect of the system is unclear, it will very certainly represent what you must do while constructing. To utilize them, you’ll need to have the right attributes unlocked, and you’ll almost certainly need crafting resources to swap things around.

In Destiny 2, can you customize your weapons?

Weapon decorations are presently the sole option to change a weapon’s appearance in Destiny 2. These are only available for Exotic weapons, therefore the only other method to customize your weapon is to use a shader.

With the arrival of Mementos, that is changing.

Mementos are one-of-a-kind looks that give a weapon a theme and a tracker. Return to the Enclave and equip a newly unlocked Memento after maxing out your weapon (more on that later). Only a Gambit-themed option will be provided at first. However, in modes like Trials of Osiris and Grandmaster Nightfalls, new content will be released on a regular basis. Over time, more will emerge, as well as a new endgame cosmetic (that has yet to be unveiled). 

Is it possible to make exotic weapons in Destiny 2?

So, how do you feel about Exotics? Exotics will be more about finetuning a particular weapon than Legendary weapons, which may be built from the ground up.

To begin, the only Exotics you’ll be allowed to use are the three class-unique Glaives and the new Osteo Striga SMG. It’s all about customisation after you’ve found and built their Patterns. 

In a restricted pool of possibilities, you’ll be able to adjust the barrel, stock, mag, and other basic characteristics. Perks seem to be fixed and tied to the weapon, although this might change in the future.

In Destiny 2, here’s how to upgrade your weapons.

You may improve your weapons in addition to manufacturing and modifying them. This is a leveling system that appears when you construct a weapon and needs you to utilize it in activities and beat foes to level up. The more you use the weapon, the quicker you’ll be able to unlock it.

At higher levels, upgrading will provide you improved stats and other qualities that you may unlock and equip. It goes above and beyond basic Masterworking, encouraging you to put more money into a weapon than simply a short resource expenditure. Continue to grind and make the most of each weapon.

When will weapon crafting in Destiny 2 be available?

Weapon crafting in Destiny 2 will launch simultaneously with the release of The Witch Queen on February 22, 2022. All players will have access to it, but particular weapon types and builds will be restricted until the paid expansion and the following Season are released. 

Be a part of the High Ground

Weapon crafting is perhaps the most significant enhancement to Destiny 2 in its history. It completely changes how players gain God Rolls, what high-level prizes are, and what end-game pursuits are possible. 

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Have fun gaming!

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