Destiny 2 is an online-only, first person shooter video game, developed by Bungie and published by Activision, released on September 6, 2017. The game is part of the Destiny franchise, and it is the sequel to Destiny, which was released in 2014. Destiny 2 is accessible to players on Windows platform, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but also available on a variety of smartphones and personal computers.

Today we’re going to take a look at the best Ghost Shells in Destiny 2 so you can level up your Ghost quicker and get yourself a little extra XP. Ghost Shells are special drops from the Hive enemies in the Destiny 2 story campaign, but they can also drop in any Crucible matches.  Just like Guns and AutoRifles, these Ghost Shells are leveled up, and up-to-level 5 will always give you a ton of experience points.  At level 5 the normal experience points you get per kill are multiplied by four.  The same is true for the amount of XP you get for completing a match, if you get a Ghost Shell you get an extra 160% of normal XP.

If you haven’t heard of Destiny 2’s “Ghost Shell” feature, it’s a pretty cool thing. You can equip a certain number of “ghosts”—little glowing ghosts—and call them to fight alongside you. Each ghost has its own special ability, so you can effectively create a makeshift super team. Since the game released, there’s been a lot of chatter about who’s the best “Ghost Shell” to use.

Ghosts have been around since the original Destiny. Before the release of Beyond Light, , these little clicking respawn machines were just optional items to unlock. They are now an additional option to add stats and buffs to your Guardian outside of armor. Looking for more tips and tricks for Destiny 2 ? Click to see all our manuals Destiny 2 . Instead of hoping to randomly unlock a premium Ghost Shell, you can now choose your own appearance and add mods. So how do you get the most out of your Ghost? And what are the most beautiful sinks? Read on for our complete guide to the Destiny 2 best ghost bowls!

What are the ghost shells in Destiny 2?

Image: Bungie via HGG word-image-6801 word-image-6802 Ghost shells are common cosmetic items that change the appearance of your ghost, much like armor decorations. They use the same rarity system as weapons and armor, but function as separate pieces of equipment, much like sparrows and emotes. This means that you can equip exotic variants of all these items without being able to do the same with armor and weapons. Most spirit shells are unlocked randomly during the game, through shiny engrams or by buying them in the Eververse. Each season there is usually a new exotic ghost, as well as special game payouts. Again, they don’t offer many benefits in an upgrade like Armor 2.0, but they are a unique way to showcase your achievements.

The best ghost shells in Destiny 2

Equipping oneself with a particular spirit shell does not provide any special benefits or advantages. Our ranking is based solely on appearance, method of acquisition and rarity. These rankings are subjective and based on our preferences, so let us know your favorites in the comments below. 10 /10

Last shell city

For the spirits of the last town word-image-6803 word-image-6804 This legendary projectile is a classic iteration of the standard Destiny 2 campaign. While it’s nothing special, it represents the simple yet iconic design that has become the foundation of the franchise. The unlockability and gear also show that you’re a long-player who knows the history of the franchise. So, if you want to get back to your roots, this is the Ghost Shell to do it. To unlock: Originally unlocked during the Red War campaign, it can now be unlocked as random loot around the world. 9 /10

House of the applicant

Nothing gives me more pleasure than watching you fight. – Kalus-Kaiser word-image-6805 word-image-6806 Another Ghost Shell related to the original Destiny 2 content shows the closure of the original Leviathan raid. This is the first Ghost design to use the rounded corners that are characteristic of many cases in the early years of new content. It even includes the original Glory Seeker perk, which tracks your number of defeats on Leviathan. It’s a bit pointless because Leviathan isn’t available now, but it will probably be relevant next season. Activation: Originally it could be unlocked by completing Leviathan quests, but now it is obtained with random light engrams. 8 /10

Peerless Precision Housing

For minds that never lose sight of their goal. word-image-6807 word-image-6808 This exotic projectile, which appears in the fourth season, originally increased the vehicle’s retrieval speed and allowed the weapon to be reloaded in flight. There is nothing else special about this shell, except a simple silver sheen and an outer ring similar to that of the traps. It resembles the Halo ring in many ways, with a slight Destiny overlay to stay close to what makes the Guardian design unique. Activation: Bought with random light engrams. 7 /10

Armory Forged Bowl

For spirits who honor the traditions of the Black Armory. word-image-6809 word-image-6810 The Black Armory can now only return with Ada-1 as the seller of the weapons jewelry. Still, this Ghost Shell remains a reminder of what made this type of game, as well as the weapon and armor designs, so great. It’s sleek and stylish, but retains the classic Last City Shell design, making it familiar. Activation: Originally purchased as part of the Black Armory, but now available in rotation at the Eververse. 6 /10

Zeroneiro housing

For minds with digital dreams. word-image-6811 word-image-6812 If you’re looking for one of the coolest ghost shells in Destiny 2, there’s no more stylish option than Zeroneiro! The Zeroneiro Shell has a shimmering, Tron-inspired look that has become a fixture of the Splicer season. The elegant appearance is only part of what makes this exotic shell so desirable, the important thing is how you earn it. You have to finish Expunge without dying, which is easier said than done, but it’s worth acquiring. To unlock: Complete Expunge Delphi without dying. 5 /10

Challenger housing

For minds that are ready for any challenge. word-image-6813 word-image-6814 This is perhaps one of the most unique designs in Ghost Shell, really reflecting the season it was released in. It can be purchased through a Season Pass and has a similar look to a centurion helmet with a slight rustic twist. While not hard to come by, it was only released last season, meaning there is currently no way to obtain it, making it somewhat rare. To unlock: Unlocked as part of the Chosen Ones Season Pass. 4 /10

Woodcock tail

For spirits that set the pace. word-image-6815 word-image-6816 This is the second iteration of Cottontail Shell, and it requires some independent work on your part. Getting through the Prophecy dungeon alone is no easy feat and requires the right equipment. Although it’s a nice drawing, it’s a real achievement. To unlock: Unlocked by playing once in the prophecy dungeon. 3 /10

Timeswept Shell

For minds that have lost track of time. word-image-6817 word-image-6818 This Ghost Shell was the only new design released as part of season 9. One of the only legendary shells on this list, its design is very similar to the classic Ghost shells with some Osiris accents. You used to have to upgrade every obelisk to get it, but now it’s impossible to get, which makes it incredibly unique. Activation: Complete the triumph of the Global Resonance. 2 /10

No Love Lost

I will do it again, and again, for her. – Elsie Bray word-image-6819 word-image-6820 This exotic Spirit Shell can only be obtained during the Deep Stone Crypt raid. In this one, you need to find five Exo-Stranger logs scattered throughout the level to complete the Rock Bottom Triumph. It’s a unique shell that requires some extra work on top of the already intense raid. To unlock: Complete the Rock Bottom triumph. 1 /10

Gilgamesh sink

For the spirits buried in the underworld. word-image-6821 word-image-6822 Number one on our list Destiny 2 of the best Ghost Shells? Gilgamesh’s shell! This projectile is unique in that you still have to complete the prediction quest and track down each scanned object in three separate weeks. Best of all, the story that led to its discovery is told, which makes it even more special. If you enjoyed the mission that leads to the resolution of Dead Man’s Tale, this is a must buy that will allow you to discover the final secrets of the game. Activation: Find all scannable items in the Foreshadowing quest.

Destiny 2 best ghost shell mods explained

Image: Bungie via HGG word-image-6823 word-image-6824 Now that ghost shells no longer provide specific or random benefits, ghost mods are used to boost stats. In fact, the best Ghost Shell Perks in Destiny 2 were the best Ghost Shell Mods in Destiny 2! To make things more consistent, these mods behave like the weapon and armor mods, meaning you have to upgrade your Ghost to equip them. Once you reach the maximum, you’ll unlock 10 energy slots that you can use to equip different mods within the limit. Remember that the changes that take the most energy are also marked as vulnerable. This means that these mods will break at the end of each season and you will have to install a new version the following season. There are four slots that you can fill with one type from each of the following categories. Experience Ghost Mods The mods in this slot give an overall experience boost to everything you do. The higher the energy cost, the more experience you get, with an increase of 1-2% between each level. If you use one energy, you get 2% more XP, and if you use six energies, you get 12% more. Ghost Tracking Modes These mods work in the same way as some of the consumables previously available in the original game. You search for specific planetary resources and treasure chests using unique on-screen icons. The actual sources and how far you can follow them (from 20 to 75 meters) depends entirely on the equipment of the mod. There are even two types of mods that track a combination of resources and chests, but they cost 5-6 energy slots. Changes in economic phantoms If you are looking for a mod that will increase your ability to exploit resources, then this upgrade slot is for you. You can increase mica, armor telemetry, and the rewards you get for harvesting or community events. The difference between the two is that the higher energy slots increase the variety of final hits these boosts produce. Phantom mode activity These mods increase the amount of loot you get from certain actions. You can choose to increase the amount of loot you get in hits, crucibles and gambits, usually through victories or last hits. It is important to note that you can only unlock a mod in this slot if you have mastered Ghost Shell.

to unlock Ghost Shell mod

Image: Bungie word-image-6825 word-image-6826 Fortunately, you can unlock Ghost Shell mods using the same methods as the armor mods. This means that most generic spirit shell mods can be obtained with random world engrams. They are obtained when you perform an activity in the game, with specific mods more likely to appear when you perform the activity they enhance. You can also unlock these mods by increasing your vendor reputation. Collect and turn in as many Vanguard tokens and weapon parts as possible to unlock these mods. The unlock is random, so give them as many times as you can. You can buy a lot of them and it doesn’t take long to get them.

Ghost Shells updating

Image: Bungie via HGG word-image-6827 word-image-6828 Upgrading a spirit shell to a wizard item goes the same way as with armor and weapons, except that any rarity can be a wizard item. This will increase your energy until you have a total of 10 points to work with. Unlike other items that can be upgraded this way, this item only requires the use of legendary shards. This makes upgrading Ghost Shells much easier and less labor intensive, meaning you can upgrade as often as you like. Once you reach the maximum, you can unlock the activity module lock, giving you full access to all the modules you purchase.   word-image-2487 word-image-2488


Remember the good old days when your mind was a boring Tyrion Lannister? They have now become a useful feature that can be customized to suit your needs and the look you want. Don’t forget to let us know which Destiny 2 Best Ghost Shells are your favorites by sharing this article on your favorite social platforms. And to get the latest news about Destiny 2, be sure to sign up for our newsletter. Enjoy the game!Destiny 2 has just launched, and we’re no strangers to playing grindy MMO shooters. For the last few years we’ve been playing Destiny, which led us to Ghost shells. Find out which shells we currently have, and which ones we recommend.. Read more about destiny 2 best ghost shell reddit and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rarest Ghost Shell in Destiny 2?

There are over 50 Ghosts in Destiny 2, so finding the best weapons is a full-time job. If you’re lucky enough to get one of the rarest Ghost Shells, you have to know how to equip it, and it’s probably best to save it for your end-game gear. But what makes a Ghost special?  Look for something powerful and useful, not something that looks cool or provides a new gun perk. The rarest Ghost Shells are often found in the Postmaster’s Pack, which is a package of consumables that can be purchased from Tess Everis, the game’s Postmaster. If you thought the Ghosts of Destiny 2 couldn’t get any cooler, you’re wrong. The best Ghosts that we’ve found so far are still the Gjallarhorn and the Dawnblade, but you’ll also want to check out the rest.

How do you get cool ghost shells?

Destiny 2 came out not too long ago, and while the game itself is pretty good, I find myself not too interested in it. In fact, I’ve been missing my weekly Destiny 2 streams that I used to watch. So, I’ve been looking around at other games that interest me and, as it turns out, I’m a big fan of the beach. Realizing that I have all of these ghost shells just sitting around collecting dust, I decided to put them to use in some cool new games. Ever since destiny 2, Ghost Shells are a very popular item to collect, with a substantial demand for them. We here at gamewarestudios have compiled together a list of the best ghost shells in destiny 2, the top 10 Ghost Shells you can get in destiny 2 today, ranked.

What do exotic ghost shells do?

So what do exotic Ghost shells do? Well, they are exotic in the sense that they cannot be found in the normal game of Destiny 2. Instead, you have to go out of your way and invade one of the private game servers to get one. However, for the player who is looking to get the best gear possible, they are a very good choice that will help you get to a high level quickly. When we heard ghost shells were going to be added to Destiny 2 , we immediately started brainstorming on how we could get the most out of them.  As it turns out, there are two ways to get your hands on them: completing a Nightfall strike or by completing a main quest.  The former is the better option, since it’ll net you the Ghost Shells right away (and the Nightfall Strike is a well-balanced crucible match if you’re not any good).  The quest, on the other hand, will take a bit of grinding, and can be the most frustrating part of the game at times.  If you want to save time, just follow our guide below and you’ll be a

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