Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie and published by Activision. The game was released worldwide on October 24th, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a Microsoft Windows version released on October 26th, 2017.

Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie and published by Activision. The game was released on September 6, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a Microsoft Windows version released on October 24, 2017. It is the sequel to 2014’s Destiny.

Customizing your Guardian is one of the most enjoyable aspects of Destiny 2. You have a number of choices for expressing your style, whether it’s looking for beautiful Legendary or Exotic gear, wearing an Ornament, or changing out your Sparrow. Shaders are the one modifiable feature that may be found in everything from your weaponry to your spacecraft. We’ve compiled a list of the finest shaders for Destiny 2 that are presently available.

Are you curious as to why that Guardian is glowing white? It’s a shader, to be precise. What is the source of your Fireteam member’s ship’s complex rusty appearance? It’s a different shader. They’re all over the place, and they’re one of the finest ways to complete your Guardian’s appearance. 

So, which shader do you want to use? Let’s have a look at some of the best choices for some ideas.

Shaders in Destiny 2: What Are They?

Shaders are the coloring system in Destiny 2. The color scheme and pattern of your armor, weapons, Sparrows, ships, and Ghost Shells may all be changed using these goods. They were formerly one-time consumables that needed Glimmer to apply and would be destroyed if you chose to swap.

That is no longer the case, thanks to the advent of Destiny 2’s transmog system. Shaders are now permanently unlocked objects that you may acquire and swap as you want. 

In Destiny 2, how can you get Shaders?

IMG_5649-1024x576 IMG_5649-1024x576

Equipping a shader is a pretty simple procedure that works the same way for anything you may use it for. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Select a piece of armor or a weapon from your character’s menu.
  • To access the Source menu, hold down the directional button.
  • Hover your cursor over an empty shader slot to begin exploring your collection.
  • You may see a look before you commit to it by using the preview button.
  • To apply the shader, press apply.

Single armor pieces, weaponry, Ghost Shells, Sparrows, and ships will all function in the same manner. However, you may now use the Appearance Customization option to apply a shader to all of your armor at once. On the right-hand side of your main character menu, scroll down and choose decorations. You may browse all of your shaders here, just like you would on a single piece, but with the added option of applying them to a whole armor set. 

Shaders in Destiny 2: How to Get Them

Shaders, like other cosmetic items in Destiny 2, are randomly obtained. When compared to Sparrows, Ghosts, and ships, they also offer the greatest chances to gather. In Destiny 2, there are a few different methods to get shaders. 

Season Passes are available.

Before Rank 10 and sometime around Rank 40, your season pass will usually contain two new shaders that you may acquire. Just keep in mind that, like most cosmetics, you’ll have to buy the whole season pass to get them. 


In the marketplace, shaders are continuously being added and removed. Fortunately, they only require a little quantity of Bright Dust to unlock. Simply return regularly to remain up to date with new seasonal shaders as well as any favorites you may have overlooked.

Engrams of Light

By turning in Bright Engrams, you may also get access to shaders that aren’t presently available for purchase. These Engrams will usually give you a shader as well as some other aesthetic. These shaders are unfortunately random, but you’ll never get the same one again.

Armor and weapons should be dismantled.

When you disassemble certain Legendary and even Rare equipment, you’ll get a shader. There doesn’t seem to be any clear indication of when or why this happens. So, as long as you’re cleaning out your inventory on a regular basis, there’s a good possibility you’ll see it often.

End-of-Game Obstacles and Victories

A shader is often given as a prize for completing missions or achieving certain goals in Destiny 2. When it comes to missions, they are often given to you, and they usually refer to a new expansion. Triumphs, on the other hand, are more complicated, particularly when an aesthetic prize is involved. 

Finally, new Raids and Raid challenges will always offer shaders as a reward. These are usually a little more exclusive, and are considered premium shaders for those who can handle the challenge. 

The Top Shaders in Destiny 2 

You now know all there is to know about shaders in Destiny 2. But the main issue is: which shaders give Guardian the best look? So, we combed through all of the choices and compiled a list of the top 40 shaders presently available in Destiny 2. 

40. A Bold Proposition

IMG_5652-1024x576 IMG_5652-1024x576

You’ll certainly appear bold in a different hue depending on the armor.

Dismantle an object with this shader installed.

Testudo, no. 39

IMG_5642-1024x576 IMG_5642-1024x576

A shader fit for Cabal kings and queens.

Season Pass Reward is the source of this information.

Neopop Wave (#38)

IMG_5640-1024x576 IMG_5640-1024x576

It’s been renamed Disco, and it wants its color scheme back.

Eververse is the source of this information.

Mercurian Sunrise (number 37)

IMG_5645-1024x576 IMG_5645-1024x576

A well-polished suit of armor with the appearance of oil stains reflected in metal.

Bright Engrams is the source of this information.

Kairos Black (#36)

IMG_5647-1024x576 IMG_5647-1024x576

The bright blue is eye-catching, yet the odd green foundation balances it out.

Complete Mercury-related actions (unavailable)

Coppertone Patina #35

IMG_5637-1024x576 IMG_5637-1024x576

This shader is ideal for people who wish to appear very metallic. 

Eververse is the source of this information.

Horizon Blush (No. 34)

IMG_5638-1024x576 IMG_5638-1024x576

Colors that are subtle yet effective.

Season Pass Reward is the source of this information.

Oiled Algae (number 33)

IMG_5639-1024x576 IMG_5639-1024x576

A well-balanced color scheme with a hint of metallic glitz.

Eververse is the source of this information.

Vitrified Chronology (number 32)

IMG_5630-1024x576 IMG_5630-1024x576

This shader gives your armor a tarnished yet bold appearance.

Sundial is a source of information.

House of Meyrin (number 31)

IMG_5623-1024x576 IMG_5623-1024x576

This is a regal setting because of the gold accents and the gleaming crimson.

Dismantle an object with this shader installed. 

30. Vermillion Crucible

IMG_5624-1024x576 IMG_5624-1024x576

A striking combination of blood-red and white.

Crucible is the source of this information.

Satou Tribe (ninety-ninth)

IMG_5648-1024x576 IMG_5648-1024x576

The flowing white shine is really stunning.

Dismantle an object with this shader installed.

Fright Night (#28)

IMG_5646-1024x576 IMG_5646-1024x576

A scary shader for those that want to be spooky.  

Festival of the Lost 2019 (source)

Tangled Bronze (number 27)

IMG_5629-1024x576 IMG_5629-1024x576

A shader with a matte appearance that might be mistaken for clay.

Dismantle an object with this shader installed.

Gilded Smoke (n.d.) (n.d.) (n.d

IMG_5627-1024x576 IMG_5627-1024x576

A shader that is understated yet elegant.

Campaign for a Fallen Empire

25. Orchid with a Burnished Finish

IMG_5625-1024x576 IMG_5625-1024x576

A metallic green with bright white and tarnished bronze accents.

Dismantle an object with this shader installed.

Rasmussen Clan No. 24

IMG_5626-1024x576 IMG_5626-1024x576

The smooth flowing green combined with gray and white has a certain appeal.

Dismantle an object with this shader installed.

23. The Arrival of Warmth

IMG_5631-1024x576 IMG_5631-1024x576

This is a rich black that really lets the white pop.

Bright Engrams is the source of this information.

Lunar Doom (number 22)

IMG_5628-1024x576 IMG_5628-1024x576

This shader set has a faint glow running through it.

Explore the Moon (source)

21. The tenacious Laurel

IMG_5632-1024x576 IMG_5632-1024x576

Everything about this shader seems to be icy.

Bright Engrams is the source of this information.

20. Stoic Rivalry

IMG_5633-1024x576 IMG_5633-1024x576

Who’d have guessed pomegranate red would work so well?

Guardian Games is the source of this information.

Oiled Gunmetal (19.)

IMG_5634-1024x576 IMG_5634-1024x576

Vex is all oiled up and ready to take down.

Bright Engrams is the source of this information.

18. Conflagrate

IMG_5618-1024x576 IMG_5618-1024x576

Make it known to the Guardians that you’ll be wearing a metallic blood-red color scheme.

Crucible is the source of this information.

17. Protective/Corrective

IMG_5619-1024x576 IMG_5619-1024x576

A caustic appearance that complements the Vex’s color palette.

Raid on the Vault of Glass

Night in Bergusian

IMG_5622-1024x576 IMG_5622-1024x576

Elegant violet and purple swirls that resemble a gloomy night sky.

Dismantle an object with this shader installed.

Pomegranate Gloss (nineteenth)

IMG_5635-1024x576 IMG_5635-1024x576

The silver and gold are highlighted by the deep purple and scarlet tones.

Season 4 is the source.

Ritualism is number fourteen.

IMG_5643-1024x576 IMG_5643-1024x576

Gold accents emerge through the muddled hues of blue, green, and bronze.

Season Pass Reward is the source of this information.

Armatura No. 13

IMG_5641-1024x576 IMG_5641-1024x576

A dark blue foundation with matte gold, rose, and light blue tones.

Season Pass Reward is the source of this information.

12. Wreath of Ruin

IMG_5653-1024x576 IMG_5653-1024x576

A cool color combination as cool as the Drifter.

Gambit random drop is the source of this information.

Verdigris (#11)

IMG_5636-1024x576 IMG_5636-1024x576

Various hues of textured turquoise.

Bright Engrams is the source of this information.

Metallic Crucible No. 10

IMG_5621-1024x576 IMG_5621-1024x576

A changing color palette along the length of the Guardian’s armor.

Dismantle an object with this shader installed.

Iron Fuchsite (nine)

IMG_5615-1024x576 IMG_5615-1024x576

The beautiful golden undertones bring out the flat forest green.

Iron Banner is a source.

8. Lazurite Crucible

IMG_5617-1024x576 IMG_5617-1024x576

Something about the combination of dark blue and orange seems so amazing.

Season 8 Battle Drills Quest (source)

Mossbone, Iron

IMG_5620-1024x576 IMG_5620-1024x576

Almost every piece of armor looks well with this combination of white, gold, green, and black.

Iron Banner is a source.

Technofusion is number six.

IMG_5644-1024x576 IMG_5644-1024x576

A shader for the Splicer.

Season Pass Reward is the source of this information.

5. Jadestone Gambit

IMG_5614-1024x576 IMG_5614-1024x576

The whole armor shader is adorned with a beautiful stone.

Complete the Gambit quest.

4. The Mysterious Legacy

IMG_5616-1024x576 IMG_5616-1024x576

The combination of white, ashen gray, black, and a cold blue sends shivers down the spine of your adversary.

Complete the Raid on the Deep Stone Crypt.

3. Vex Chrome Descendant

IMG_5651-1024x576 IMG_5651-1024x576

Armor is rusted, but it is reliable.

Bright Engrams is the source of this information.

2. Selected Callus

IMG_5650-1024x576 IMG_5650-1024x576

A regal combination of white, gold, and courageous purple that is appropriate for the source.

Leviathan Raid is the source of this information (Unavailable)

Bitterpearl is a kind of bitter pear.

IMG_5613-1024x576 IMG_5613-1024x576

A pure white color that hasn’t been tainted by the arduous work that it required to get.

Raid on the Vault of Glass

HighGroundGaming_highGroundView_br HighGroundGaming_highGroundView_br


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Have fun gaming!

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