Destiny 2 has had a lot of success since its release, reaching one billion players and earning more revenue than any other video game. Now the highly anticipated sequel is launching ‘Void-based’ endgame content in which players will finally be able to explore The Last City without worrying about being invaded by enemies from Earth below.

The “destiny 2 witch queen void changes” is a deep dive into the Witch Queen’s ‘Void 3.0’ and legendary difficulty campaign in Destiny 2. The article will also discuss the new Trials of Osiris event, which is currently live.

Destiny 2 offers a deep dive into Witch Queen’s ‘Void 3.0’ and legendary difficulty campaign


Bungie is keen to expose the floodgates of knowledge with Destiny 2’s Witch Queen addition only weeks away. One of the most extensive data dumps concerns the expansion’s modifications to Void subclasses. Readers may remember that the looter shooter’s developers mentioned these improvements before, but this new peek gives a lot more information.

The six main forms of debuffs are described in detail in the preview article. Video and text previews of each class’ altered or new supers, analyses of class-specific Aspects that do things like strengthen particular grenades or summon a void soul, and new selectable Fragments that affect a character’s attributes are also available.

Meanwhile, this week’s email has further details regarding the new legendary difficulty campaign, including difficulty scaling depending on fireteam size, power level limitations to level the playing field, and the prizes that await those who accept the challenge. The Legendary campaign is supposed to be more challenging than a Legend Nightfall, yet it is easier than a solo dungeon or running a Grandmaster Nightfall, according to the article.

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The “destiny 2 void 3.0 leaks” is a video that offers a deep dive into the Witch Queen’s “Void 3.0” and legendary difficulty campaign in Destiny 2.

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