Destiny 2 does not need an introduction. It’s the sequel to the 2016 game that took the online video game world by storm. It was one of the biggest games that year, and one of the most popular. The game is set in the future. Players are Guardians, chosen to protect the last city on Earth, the player’s chosen faction, the Last City, from an aggressive alien force called the Cabal. The Cabal seeks to harvest the Traveler, an ancient, spherical, all-powerful force that has helped shape the game’s setting.

In early spring, Bungie released a shiny new exotic weapon, the Glimmer Rifle. The exotic was a powerful weapon with a unique, low rate of fire, short rate of fire, low magazine size, and no charge time. It also had a new design that allowed it to gain additional Glimmer for each shot. The new weapon was a contender for the fastest farm in the game.

As Destiny 2: Forsaken hits the shelves on September 4th, players are no doubt itching to get to the new endgame activities and raids that await them. One of the best ways to guarantee a good start in the new expansion is to farm Glimmer. This currency is a big part of the endgame, and can be used to buy a lot of different items. It is also a very important currency to upgrade your weapon and armor. In this article, we will go through 9 different methods which will allow you to farm the currency as fast as possible. In this guide, I will be sharing with you all the fastest ways to farm Glimmer, as well as the loot from those activities.. Read more about destiny 2 fastest way to get glimmer 2021 and let us know what you think.

There are several currencies in Destiny 2, but none are as essential as Glimmer. This gleaming cube-like money is used to buy most upgrades, Mod switches, and bounty items, among other things. Glimmer can be earned through almost any in-game activity, which is a good thing since it’s easy to run out of if you don’t budget for it. Naturally, we’ll discuss Glimmer farming in Destiny 2 and reveal some of the quickest ways to bank it.

That’s because Glimmer is involved in almost every aspect of Destiny 2. You’re maxed out one minute, and then you’re abruptly out of money after a few improvements and purchases. Fortunately, you’ll be able to recoup some of your losses just by playing regularly. If you want to get a head start on your Glimmer collection, there are a few quicker options to consider.

In Destiny 2, what is Glimmer?

Glimmer Chest

The standard money in Destiny 2 is Glimmer. Consider gold or silver in other MMO-style games. Even if you just spend a few dollars, it’s one of the most important and consistent resources you’ll need to improve and advance. In Destiny 2, you may now spend Glimmer on the following items:

In Destiny 2, what is the Max Glimmer Cap?

In Destiny 2, the highest quantity of Glimmer you may have is 250,000. There are no ways to raise the quantity you can carry since this is a hard limit. It used to be common to reach your limit, but now that more things need Glimmer, it’s much more difficult.

How to Farm Glimmer in Destiny 2 Quickly

Unfortunately, there is no Glimmer farm in Destiny 2 where you can go harvest glimmer from the ground. The closest we’ve come is the odd treasure caverns that spawn low-level foes indefinitely, although the most recent one on Europa has been patched out. But don’t worry; there are still lots of fast and easy ways to get Glimmer in Destiny 2. 

1. Pay a visit to Spider


Trading with Spider tops our list as one of the best methods to harvest Glimmer in Destiny 2 due to the simple simplicity/amount you get ratio. The Forgotten Shore’s lone merchant really offers several opportunities to earn large quantities of Glimmer. To begin, keep checking back to see whether you can trade planetary resources for Glimmer. 

Almost certainly, you have a stockpile of unused planetary resources that you may transfer. To get 10,000 Glimmer, just exchange 20 of a particular commodity into Spider. Baryon Bough, Phaseglass Needles, Alkane Dust, Simulation Seed, and Seraphite will be the real money on a regular basis. He will sometimes offer a trade of 10 Legendary Shards in exchange for the same Glimmer bargain. 

The second way to get Glimmer with Spider is to complete certain Wanted bounties. Depending on the level, completing only one of them can earn you 3,000 or 7,500 Glimmer. Just keep in mind that they aren’t intended to be fast, so tracking down and killing your targets may take some time. These bounties, on the other hand, often coincide with other Glimmer-generating activities, making them much more profitable.

2. Add a Ghost Glimmer Mod to your scene.

Glimmer Booster

It’s easy to neglect masterworking and adding mods to your Ghost. It’s also very useful for boosting the quantity of Glimmer you use throughout each action. You may opt to use a Glimmer Booster ranging from 5% to +65% depending on how much you’ve improved your Ghost. Just remember that the Ultimate Glimmer Booster is a seasonal Mod that must be reinstalled each season.

You may now increase your resource acquisition in addition to increasing your Glimmer acquisition. When harvesting from chests, natural occurrences, or both, these harvesting Mods will provide you with extra resources. If you intend on handing in resources to Spider and want to grind out some more resources beforehand, this is very helpful. 

Switching between whatever Mod is most profitable for the activity you’re attempting to grind and at least one of the Glimmer acquisition Mods is recommended. There are a few more Mods worth noting, but we’ll go over them in more detail later in this article as part of a few particular recommendations. 

3. Purchase a Season Pass Upgrade

Season Pass

Upgrading your Season Pass is the quickest method to harvest Glimmer. The Season Pass is a veritable gold mine. It includes normal Glimmer dumps in addition to Exotic Engrams, Bright Dust, Upgrade Modules, and other materials. In fact, if you use your Season Pass to its full potential, you may earn 100,000 Glimmer! To acquire each Glimmer bundle, you’ll need to reach the following ranks:

  • 8,000 for 3rd place.
  • 8,000th place — Rank 6
  • 6,000 points for Rank 12
  • 6,000th place — Rank 16
  • 10,000 — Rank 17
  • 10,000th place — Rank 23
  • Rank 37 — 10,000 points
  • Rank 42 (about 12,000 people)
  • 62nd place — 14,000 points
  • 82nd place — 16,000 points

You’ll need to purchase the premium edition of the Season Pass to get the most Glimmer out of it. As you progress through the ranks, you may expect to get frequent Destination Resource Bundles. Another passive approach to gather 50 resources at a time to trade with Spider for Glimmer is to use this method.

4. Run a few lost sectors that aren’t too long.

Lost Sectors

Lost Sectors is a great activity to do if you don’t want to wait for anything to load and want to do something quick. These smaller Strike-like locales include a small number of opponents and a very simple boss to defeat, as well as a chest to collect at the conclusion. You can be in and out in a matter of minutes with the proper build and the right Lost Sector, then jump straight back in without having to wait. 

The Veles Labyrinth at the Cosmodrome, Bunker E15 on Europa, or K1 Revelation on the Moon are all recommended. Each one is quite short, ideal for farming bounties, and simple to complete on Legendary or Master level. You don’t have to run them on higher levels to earn more Glimmer, although it may help if you’re also attempting to farm Exotics.

Just keep in mind that you can only do this five times each session before the Glimmer acquisition slows down. You’ll have to change places and, in some cases, wait until the following day to resume earning.

5. Keep an eye out for planetary chests.

Planetary Chests

Chests may be found all throughout Patrol zones, and they contain a variety of weaponry, supplies, and, of course, Glimmer. They’re not a very fast way to earn Glimmer on their own, but that’s all altered due to the Expert Tracker Mod. This Ghost Mod enables you to scan chests from up to 75 meters away and apply a waypoint as soon as you are close enough. 

Combine this with a Glimmer Booster Mod to get the most out of your earnings. You may also use a Sniper Rifle or other scoped weapon to increase the range even more if you don’t want to go around searching. Keep in mind that, like Lost Sectors, this will dwindle with time and will need you to engage in other activities to restore it. Check out the EDZ or Europa if you’re looking for a place to farm.

6. Participate in Crucible Matches

Crucible Matches

Playlist activities are a surefire way to rack up Glimmer. Crucible, on the other hand, is the quickest of the bunch. The amount you receive varies based on whether you win or lose each round. Typically, each accomplishment will earn you between 500 and 700 Glimmer. 

Try playing game modes like Momentum Control, Mayhem, or Survival to speed up the process. Typically, these are more aggressive game variants with a much shorter round duration.

7. Participate in Heroic Events

Heroic Events

While searching for chests in Patrol Zones, Heroic Public Events are a fantastic way to farm. While the time between each active event may be a little long, it is a reliable way to earn Glimmer that is simple to locate. You should anticipate to get about 600 Glimmer on average, plus another 20-100 depending on how many opponents you defeat. You may even use a Public Defender Ghost Mod to enhance your prizes even further, but this will need swapping out one of your other boosters.

Unwanted items should be dismantled.

Getting Glimmer used to be as simple as dismantling Shaders. Shaders are no longer a permanent item, and you must instead depend on disassembling Armor and Weapons. This isn’t a quick or reliable technique, but it’s worth remembering while you play. To get a constant supply of Glimmer, just keep destroying any things you don’t desire or don’t intend to utilize for upgrading.

9. Activate the Rainmaker Consumable

Rainmaker consumable

Finally, if you intend on playing for an extended period of time, use a Rainmaker consumable boost. This will give you the opportunity to produce a “shower of Glimmer” with each close-range precise kill you make. It has a four-hour duration and is an excellent complement to any Glimmer acquisition Mods you’re running.



Glimmer is one of those commodities in Destiny 2 that is required for everything. Hopefully, this Destiny 2 Glimmer farming method has made it simpler for you to get your hands on this common money without wasting hours of your time. To assist your Fireteam churn out some Glimmer, share this post on your favorite social media sites, and join up for our newsletter for the newest Destiny 2 news. 

Have fun gaming!

Destiny 2: 9 Fastest Ways to Farm Glimmer (2021) 9 Fastest Ways to Farm Glimmer Destiny 2 is a popular video game that has been released on a wide range of platforms starting from PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It is one of the most played games in the world, and it is pretty famous for its microtransaction system that has been in the game since the launch. Some players like to play the game casually, but some like to be competitive. These players like to farm for Glimmer in Destiny 2. This guide will show you the fastest ways to farm Glimmer in Destiny 2.. Read more about destiny 2 glimmer farm season 14 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest way to get glimmer in Destiny 2 2021?

The fastest way to get glimmer in Destiny 2 2021 is to complete the campaign, which will give you a total of 1,000 glimmer.

What is the best way to farm glimmer in Destiny 2?

The best way to farm glimmer is by completing public events.

How do you get glimmer fast in destiny?

You can get glimmer by completing the weekly heroic strike, or by buying it from Xur.

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