Combat is at the heart of what Crowfall is about, so it is important to get right. Obviously, the core of combat in Crowfall is the sieging mechanic. We saw a little bit of this in Iron Wind Metropolis, but are close to our final form of it. As such, we will be sharing more on this soon, along with the introduction of the Siege Master.

Crowfall is having a bit of a busy winter, as it prepares to launch its next major update and another patch to the game’s “Launch Campaign” mode. In the past couple months, the game’s been releasing its latest “Arkwright’s Notes” chapter, giving players the first glimpse of the new siege mechanics that will be included in the game’s “Next Era” update. In addition, the team has been working on implementing the new siege mechanics into the game’s Launch Campaign mode, while also working on a few additional content updates and additions for the game.

Crowfall is a new MMO being developed by veterans of the digital age of combat, and a team that has been working to bring the best of their experience since 2007 to Crowfall.. Read more about crowfall release date and let us know what you think.


Crowfall’s ACE Q&A livestream for the month of August has come and gone, and the devs are looking ahead to the RvR MMO’s next major update. This new patch for the game will introduce a handshake system for initiating keep and castle sieges, which should hopefully prevent players defending a location from logging in en masse and flooding a siege zone with their team, effectively locking out other players. The proposed changes are outlined in a design doc.

More hot zones and raid boss locations are also coming with the upcoming patch, which are expected to effectively give more of the type of content that fans of these areas appreciate while also improving things like enemy AI mobility.

Speaking of improvements, the stream showed off its next roadmap plans, with optimization at the top of the near-term list, while mid-term additions to Crowfall include a PvP leaderboard, a revamp of the game’s caravan system, and more Eternal Kingdoms features like a tax system, farming, adventure parcels. Long-term, the devs plan to add building decay, animal taming, and crossover weapon specializations for the game’s classes. You can check out the roadmap slides as well as the Q&A portion of the stream in the embed below.


They have good plans, but there are still questions… Can we trust them, can we trust the community? The past weeks have been a rollercoaster of emotions, but we’re glad that the long awaited and much discussed fantasy MMO ‘Crowfall’ got the green light.. Read more about crowfall population 2020 and let us know what you think.

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