The City of Heroes in-game store, Highflyers, is introducing over 800 new costume options with the release of its latest update. These will be available to players on both existing servers and upcoming ones. The availability has been announced for next Thursday.

The “City of Heroes Rebirth” is an online superhero MMO that was released in 2013. It has been replaced by the “City of Heroes: Homecoming”. The Highflyers update introduced over 800 new costume options.

City of Heroes Rebirth rogue server introduces over 800 new costume options in Highflyers update


The City of Heroes: Rebirth rogue server chose to make character creation even more difficult with the Highflyers update, which added over 800 additional aesthetic options to an already difficult and time-consuming procedure. This is the character creator equivalent of Souls. At this stage, you’re simply strutting your stuff.

While that number includes pattern options such as more integrated tights features for females, integrated tights for males, and a slew of asymmetrical patterns for males, females, and various parts of the character’s body, it also includes some new items such as arm wings, Freakshow-style regulator tubes, hazard vests, “anime-tastic” midriff spikes, and a pants revamp that incorporates many female pants styles into male characters.

While cosmetics make up the majority of the Highflyers update, there are also new features such as additional free inherent slots for the Health and Stamina powers, the ability to spend Alignment Merits to summon a heroic or villainous helicopter to transport players to their next mission, a fourth power tray, and the ability to get more Architect Tickets and buy things in bulk at Architect Entertainment.

Overall, it’s a rather heavy update (which is up for the course for this game, despite the fact that it’s a smaller rogue server) that seems to be aimed at making building the ideal hero or villain even more difficult; it’s a nice issue to have, but it’s still a problem.


The “city of heroes servers 2022” is an update that has been released by the City of Heroes team. The update introduces over 800 new costume options for Highflyers.

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