Justice Online was a Chinese MMORPG released in 2015. The game is known for its distinctive “martial arts” style combat, and an emphasis on teamwork during quests. Recently the company behind Justice announced their intent to release the title outside of China and eventually North America as well due to significant difficulties with connecting players around the world via traditional gaming infrastructure like Steam.
The move comes after seven years of failed attempts by various companies trying to get Justice online because they had trouble navigating regulations, hacking scandals, etc., while also maintaining connection quality across regions at acceptable levels. The decision has been met with mixed reactions from gamers who were disappointed that there will be no more updates or content exclusive only available inside China but are excited about having access to another great IP without all those hurdles

The “cloud gaming” is a new way of playing video games. It is different than traditional gaming, as it doesn’t require the player to download software or any files onto their computer. The game can be played via cloud computing, which means that the player does not need to have an internet connection.

Chinese martial arts MMORPG Justice Online announces western release but it can be played via cloud gaming now


Do you know what Justice Online is? Unless you reside in China, the answer is most likely no: It’s a martial arts MMORPG based on a wuxia book by writer Wen Rui’an (aka Woon Swee Oan), also known as The Four, The Four Constables, and The Four Arresters, depending on who’s translating it. We bring this up because NetEase is planning to release the game internationally at the end of the year.

Justice Online boasts a 2,400-square-kilometer open world, a plethora of customization possibilities, mountable monsters, and the promise of “a narrative of love, passion, and martial arts” for players to get lost in. All of this is coming to the west in the fourth quarter of this year, owing to NetEase’s publishing efforts.

Justice Online just got a significant upgrade that expanded the globe to nine areas, included additional tameable animals, and made the game cloud accessible on any web browser. Outside of China, anybody may access and play this cloud-based version of the game, however the inquisitive should be aware that the game hasn’t been translated yet, so you’ll have to navigate Chinese letters. However, for individuals who are unable to wait until later this year, the alternative is available.


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