The South Korean mobile game publisher, Pearl Abyss released the long-awaited update today for Black Desert Mobile. The new update adds a quick join party feature that is heavily requested by players and nerfs Kunoichi to make her less viable in PvP brawls.

The “black desert mobile all skills” is a new feature in Black Desert Mobile. It allows players to quickly join a party and play with their friends. The “Kunoichi nerf” is the changes that have been made to the Kunoichi, which makes it less powerful than before.

Black Desert Mobile opens the Field of Valor Desert, adds a quick join party feature, and nerfs the Kunoichi


In this week’s update to Black Desert Mobile, there’s a new Field of Valor, and if you intend on visiting it, pack plenty of water and be prepared for a lot of sand since it’s a desert. No, honestly, it’s named Field of Valor: Desert, and when players opt to deploy to the location, they’ll need to make sure they have water.

This Field of Valor is more of an auto-battle feature than a real-world venue that gamers may visit: Players choose the part of the desert they wish to travel, providing they have enough CP, make sure they have refreshed pure water, and then have a character fight creatures and return goods back to them automatically.

A rapid join party option has also been included to today’s update, allowing players to easily join a public room like the Field of Valor or Ancient Ruins, as well as build their own public room.

On the class balance front, the Kunoichi has been smacked by the nerf bat, with tweaks to stealth and higher skill cooldowns, since the developers think stealth is an overpowered feature that eliminates any danger. The update also includes modifications to Guild War scores as well as changes to the Market, including as the elimination of some tabs and the cessation of Black Stone sales. More information can be seen in the patch notes, and a summary video may be watched below.


The “black desert mobile classes” is a game that has recently opened up the Field of Valor Desert, added a quick join party feature, and nerfed the Kunoichi.

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