Biomutant is a science-fiction role-playing game that’s been hailed by critics as one of the most unique and interesting games of 2017. Set in a frigid post-apocalyptic world where DNA has evolved into a kind of fuel and players take on the role of mutated creatures, Biomutant features a massive open world, incredible character and creature designs, and a gameplay style that’s unlike anything you’ve played before.

The good news is that Biomutant is looking a lot better than it did in the early stages of its development. Already, the visuals have become a lot sharper, and the in-game character models look even better. The downside is that most of the game’s systems are still in development, too.

Biomutant is a late 2017 game developed by Arkane Studios and published by Focus Home Interactive. The game was released on May 17, 2017. The game focuses on a post-apocalyptic world where humans have evolved into a new form of life with superhuman abilities. The new form of life is called the Mutants, and they live in a world where they must fight against The Authority.

word-image-14576   The outside world of Biomutant is amazing. Green meadows stretch as far as the eye can see, dotted here and there with abandoned houses, forgotten power stations, wooden forts and fragments of old towns. The dense forests with their tall trees make you feel safe when you are outside in the rain. The mountains rise above the arid desert, inviting adventurers to make their way to the top, just in time to watch the sunset. The Toxanol Corporation’s indifference to the environment has left a clear mark on the world of Biomutant. Nature has restored some of the land, but radiation, oil spills and other toxic remnants of the past are still present. Some of the mutated furry animals that live there have formed makeshift societies, and you play as one of these creatures, which you can customize to your liking. There are several classes to choose from that affect both your initial stats and appearance, but they only serve as initial templates for both skills and appearance. As you ascend, you can unleash the full power of Wung Fu on those who stand between you and the fate of the world. word-image-14577   Seamlessly switching between psi powers, melee and ranged weapons allows you to change your character’s movement settings in an instant, making combat one of Biomutant’s strengths. You can fire missiles or psionic bullets at an enemy from a distance with an old-fashioned rifle, switch to a shotgun when you’re close, and then do serious damage with flashy moves with a huge two-handed sword, a radioactive core, or a faster one-handed weapon. There is room for specialisation here, but the flexibility allowed also means that more balanced constructions can work. Light weapons strike quickly, do less damage and can be dodged more quickly, while heavy weapons compensate for slow strikes with greater damage. The same applies to long-range weapons, which behave differently according to type and components. Each weapon type also has unlockable wung fu combos – this is a martial arts game – that you can use to inflict extra damage while looking even cooler. After performing three different super moves, you can adopt the Super Wung Fu stance, which turns you into a battle god for a few seconds. Enemies are plentiful, but few really stand out, except for the Kamikazes, who can survive the explosions they cause. Fights are usually against one large creature, several small opponents, or a mixture of both. But whether they’re waiting for you near landmarks or ambushing you as you drive by, they often feel like they were put there because they had to fight, rather than being an integral part of the world. word-image-14578   Loot is an important part of the Biomutant game. Excavation and quests give you the chance to be rewarded with coins for upgrades and new weapons, but crafting is the main way to improve your clothing and weapons and expand your arsenal. Clothing gives some stats and some slots for addons that increase armor and critical chance. You can also use special rare tables to make your items even more beautiful. Weapons and melee weapons are literally sewn together from scraps you find in the world or buy from merchants, which has a nice thematic twist. There is a multitude of variants, and the visual variety is surprising, resulting in a variety of bizarre-looking deadly implements. Some components let your automatic rifle fire saws instead of bullets, or allow you to do double damage after hitting an enemy. The raw materials you need to make items can be obtained from totems scattered around the world or by grabbing items from your inventory, but in the latter case you should always keep an eye on them, as the menu can be a little awkward to navigate through if you keep too many items. You can always add a new piece to your beautiful blade and make it a little more deadly. However, the ways to find these pieces and most of the armor are not very interesting. Biomutant’s missions are uninspired, frustrating, and quickly fall into repetition. You follow markers to locations where you interact with old world devices such as a television or radio, solve a simple puzzle, search drawers, cupboards and all manner of devices, kill a group of enemies or combine all of these activities. In the first few hours of the game, you’ll be familiarized with most of the missions and will only break out of their grind at rare moments, such as battles with the main bosses. Even the part of the world you explore mostly with huge, powerful mechs seems boring after a while, and that’s a shame. word-image-14579   You can go either way if you can handle high-level enemies. This is aided by the many fast travel points – which you mark by politely urinating on them – and the side quests that take you from one to the next like breadcrumbs. Start running or riding your trusty mechanical arm and you’re sure to find someone to fight with, something to dig up, or loot to find that you can use to unlock new clothing styles. But at the same time, the flexible structure of the game takes the seriousness out of the story. The first few hours of the game, in which frequent cutscenes constantly interrupt gameplay, don’t introduce you to your character’s tragic story. The narrator remains an intrusive presence throughout the trip, acting as a translator of gibberish for the locals. Fortunately, there’s a slider to reduce the frequency of his conversations as he moves around the map, but you’ll be hard pressed to lose him in the story scenes. You are then quickly introduced to the alignment system, then thrown into a tribal war of biomutants and tasked with choosing one of two clans you know little about. The game fails to create a greater motivation for your character, but instead binds you to your personal enemy who only very rarely appears in the game, almost as if the main story is secondary. They are constantly presented as the only person who can determine the fate of the world – for whatever reason – but it is never properly executed. When multiple paths open up, both in the main and side quests, the threads connecting them seem thin and don’t give any of your ventures a strong sense of purpose. word-image-14580   The Alignment determines certain skills that you can unlock as you level up, and allows you to hear some fun altercations between the two spirits that represent the Alignment, the Light and the Dark, but has no significant long-term effects. The number increases when you reach a certain level of good/evil, which affects the final scene, most of the characters on the critical path have a line that indicates your view of things, and that’s it. If you follow the path of darkness, you get a gift that allows you to shoot a giant pink laser of death out of the sky, which is a redeeming feature, but we never have the proper sense of unbridled disdain for life and a burning desire to see the world burn, well, while actively striving for it. Tribal warfare itself has something to do with alignment, but it also seems to be poorly executed. Although initially limited to two tribes, you will be able to choose from six tribes as you explore the world and find their strongholds. You won’t notice it right away when you first play it, unless you’re curious enough to explore all the menus and read the descriptions of each tribe beforehand. The first dialogue with their leader lays out their plans for the world and their ideology, but the depth doesn’t stop there. They are more like small vessels for a small set of beliefs than full-fledged factions. The Jagni, for example, want to destroy the tree of life, rebuild the world, and become the single dominant tribe. They are power-hungry oppressors in every sense of the word, but because of their control over the world, they rarely see people confined to a few small colonies. If you conquer outposts, you will find their guards there, and sometimes you will see them fighting other tribes at various clearly marked locations. But it all seems so artificial that it doesn’t create a sense of conflict that encompasses the whole world or even the areas you’re actively trying to control. word-image-14581   Conquering outposts and forts is moderately entertaining, but that’s mostly thanks to Biomutant’s excellent combat system. This lets you unlock the armor of your chosen tribe and a set of special weapons when you go up against others, but it feels like yet another task on your list. So we accepted the surrender of the other tribes after defeating two of them. What began as an attempt to expand the power of the tribes on the map and paint it in their own colors soon failed due to the superficiality of it all. The characters you meet along the way have different professions, which is reflected in their cool models. Those who help you during the main story usually work on modifications to fight the large monsters that feed on the tree of life. But the stereotypical quests and dialogues do not make them memorable. They played the role of a character with a penchant for darkness and repeatedly referenced our protagonist’s childhood, expressing frustration with both their desire to see the world destroyed and their choice of tribe. Their characters don’t go beyond that, so it’s very hard to care about them, especially after you get past their quests. There’s a twist here and there – the barber asking you to find tools so he can cut your hair, the fisherman looking for drinking water – but it’s not enough. Biomutant has clearly done its best to make the combat, crafting and graphics look great, and that kept us playing for over 30 hours, ignoring the brief frame drops and glitches that occurred regardless of the graphics settings. There’s a lot to do here if you feel like it, but the repetitive nature of the quests gradually takes the momentum out, and the plot and characters don’t allow for high stakes. Kicking ass, exploring the world and looking for great upgrades can be fun in small ways. But once you try to go along with the shallow writing and boring objectives, cracks begin to appear in Biomutant.


Biomutant’s solid presentation and beautiful world invite exploration, while the combat action makes you feel like a cool warrior who knows magic, weapons and kung fu. Unfortunately, boring missions and a weak story make the game increasingly difficult the more you play it.


Perform some Super Wung Fu moves during the fight, then watch the sun rise as the last enemy falls at our feet.

Good vs Bad

  • An impressive visualization
  • Smooth battles where you can switch between moves in an instant and look cool.
  • An easy to learn crafting system that allows you to constantly upgrade, build and replace your equipment.
  • Repetitive mission objectives quickly suck the life out of the many available tasks.
  • It’s hard to care about the central story and characters.
  • The narrator, who has a good voice, is too distracting.
  • Performance lags that accompanied us throughout the game, regardless of graphical settings.

Biomutant is a fantastic action role playing game. It is the classically beautiful open world RPG you have always dreamed of. Its beautiful environments and beautiful art style is reminiscent of the best games of the late 90s and early 2000s. Its story is a little cliched, but the gameplay is very fun. Players will take on the role of a mutated bounty hunter who is trying to save an ancient tribe of superhumans from themselves.. Read more about biomutant steam and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Biomutant be on PC?

Biomutant is an open world action RPG that combines the best of four genres: action, RPG, strategy and Metroidvania. In the game you play as a powerful android known as BOMBMAN, who is on a desperate mission to find and save his missing family from an evil corporation. Over the past few years there have been some amazing indie games that have launched on every platform possible. Games like this make this game buying adventure so much fun for the gamer. However, not all indie games make it onto every platform.

Is Biomutant a good game?

Last week we reviewed Biomutant, a new 2D RPG from the makers of Rimworld and Sunless Sea. The game is set in an alternative future in which humans have long since been replaced by sentient robots. The robots have not only replaced humans in all branches of industry and government, but have also taken on jobs previously occupied by livestock, including herding cattle, harvesting crops, and even harvesting meat. As the game begins, our protagonist has just been inducted into Iron Cows, a resistance group who intend to dismantle the robotic utopia. Biomutant is a new action role-playing game from the creators of the cult classic Dungeon Siege series. The game takes place in a world where animals have been engineered from scratch to serve as weapons and workers in the city of Biomutant. These animals are on the cusp of extinction, having become over-exploited and largely forgotten by the human race that created them.

Is Biomutant online?

Biomutant is an action role-playing game developed by the indie game studio “Klei Entertainment” and published by “Microsoft Studios”. Biomutant is a post-apocalyptic game, set in a world ravaged by a cataclysmic event that resulted in the death of 99% of humanity. The remaining humans are divided into four factions, all of which are poised for war. Biomutant is a single-player and co-op, open-world action adventure game for PC, Mac, and Linux. It is set in a giant, living world that has been decimated by a deadly plague known as the Black Death. Players explore the post-apocalyptic remains of the world, finding evidence that exposes the conspiracies, lies, and crimes of the past that destroyed the world as we know it.

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