Genshin Impact is a real-time, multiplayer action game where players fight as characters from the popular TV show Naruto. With high-quality graphics and a fun combat system, Genshin has quickly become an esports favorite with fans of all levels. When you start cooking in this kitchen simulator for 2K18, there’s one question on everyone’s mind: what should I cook?

Best Food to Cook in Genshin Impact (2.x)

Nothing beats a delicious dinner, and in the world of Genshin Impact, it might be the difference between life and death on your adventure. We’ll go through all of the greatest cuisine in Genshin Impact with various purposes in mind, such as healing, defense, and so on, in this guide.

Food is one of the most valuable resources you can gather, since it provides tremendous boosts and rapid restoration. Teyvat’s food is unique to each location, with hundreds of dishes to gather and master.  

However, like with any RPG-style system, you’ll eventually question what the finest cuisine is.  

So that’s what we’re going to do today. We’ll go through how the food system works, what the best Genshin Impact food is for each category, where to find the recipe, and which meals are the easiest to prepare.

Let’s get this party started.  

In Genshin, how does food work?  

First, we’ll go through how healing foods operate. Each member of the active party has a fullness meter that may be filled by eating a therapeutic meal.  

Fullness-Meter-1024x679 Fullness-Meter-1024x679 Partially filled, fully filled, and completely empty. (Photo courtesy of miHoYo through HGG / Jeffrey Hsu)

When a character’s healing meter reaches zero, they won’t be able to eat any more healing food until the meter depletes somewhat. Before a full meter begins diminishing again, it takes 40 seconds of unpaused gaming time. Depletion occurs at a rate of 0.3 percent every second (takes about 5 minutes and 30 seconds to fully empty).  

The rarity of a meal influences the amount of the fullness meter that is filled each mouthful.

  • 36.7 percent of people give it a three-star rating (3 dishes till full)
  • 33.3 percent of people give it a two-star rating (4 dishes till full)
  • 20% for a one-star rating (5 dishes till full)
  • 5.55 percent of people give a 0 star rating (18 dishes till full)

Given the efficiency of 3-star meals, you’ll most likely be eating them entirely after you’ve saved up enough cooking supplies. Because the fullness meter has no overflow, you should always eat a 3-star meal if you’re close to being full.  

The fullness meter of a character resets to zero after they are knocked unconscious.  

If you’re in fight, though, you can only utilize revival food once every 120 seconds. You may force feed your knocked out comrades as much as you like outside of battle. The fullness meter is not filled by reviving food in any form.  

Revival-Food-1024x340 Revival-Food-1024x340 The cooling period for all resurrection dishes has begun. (Photo courtesy of miHoYo through HGG / Jeffrey Hsu)

In terms of how buff food works in Genshin Impact, it’s divided into five kinds. At any one moment, only one effect from each category may be active. Your active bonus will be overwritten if you eat another dish (even if it’s a lesser one).

  • Attack, physical damage, and CRIT rate/damage enhancements are all offensive options.
  • Defense, shield strength, HP percent, and healing bonus enhancements are all defensive bonuses.
  • Sprinting, climbing, gliding, and swimming all need more endurance.
  • Elemental — Potions are officially considered food, and only one may be active at any one moment (choose between elemental damage boost or resistance)
  • Temperature – Currently, just one dish exists to mitigate the effects of Sheer Cold.

There are also meals that quickly recover a portion of your stamina. Because they have a 300-second cooldown, you should only use them when absolutely necessary.  

Before you start cooking, there are a few things you should know.

Normal, Suspicious, and Delicious are the three types of dishes available. Which type you get depends on how well you do in the cooking mini-game. You’ll want to perform it properly to achieve a Delicious variation with more powerful effects, which is what we’re using to compile our ranking of the finest foods.  

Once you’ve perfected a recipe by manually cooking it enough times, you’ll be able to auto cook as many copies as you like at once with delicious results.  

Cook-Menu-1024x515 Cook-Menu-1024x515 Image courtesy of HGG / Jeffrey Hsu / miHoYo

When you appoint a character as the chef in the upper right of the cooking menu, they have a possibility of generating multiple copies of a meal. They don’t have to be your current playing character.

  • Xiangling is a verb that means “to be offensive.”
  • Noelle and Xinyan are on defense.
  • Barbara, Jean, Diona, Barbara, Jean, Diona, Barbara, Jean, Diona, Barbara, Jean, Diona, Barbara
  • Yun Jin’s stamina

Because you can get Noelle, Xiangling, and Barbara for free, you should virtually always use them to cook their respective category.  

Elemental Food (also known as Potions) may be made at every alchemy bench in any city. To save money on materials, appoint Lisa to be the artisan.

In single player mode, the game stops when you get to the food screen, but not in co-op mode. Getting the NRE (Menu 30) gadget may help you get around this by allowing you to designate a healing and revival dish for quick usage (also great for people who don’t want to go to the food menu all the time).  

NRE-616x1024 NRE-616x1024

You may learn and manufacture one at the blacksmith if you achieve reputation level 5 in Mondstadt.  

You can’t utilize food in the Abyss, just so you know. We realize it’s a tragedy, but at least in most hard events, you can consume food.  

For the sake of the Archive, you only need to prepare a meal once in order to get it, regardless of quality. This eliminates the need to prepare a meal three times, each time in a different method.  

Each character has a specialty dish (with the exception of Raiden Shogun, who is completely incapable of cooking). When a chef is assigned to a certain meal, they have a slim possibility of creating a special variety that has more potent effects.  

However, since the chances of generating the unique version are so slim, it’s typically best to cook the dish with a character that excels in the category so you can produce numerous copies.

Simply wait until the character’s birthday to come around if you want to get the dish for Archive completion. They’ll send you a greeting along with a photo of their signature dish.  

Genshin’s Best Cooking Dishes  

Let’s talk about the greatest meals in Genshin Impact now that we’ve covered the essentials.

We go through each effect type and make our decisions based on how powerful the impact is and how easy the components are to get by.  

The Healthiest Food

Mondstadt-Hash-Brown-1024x591 Mondstadt-Hash-Brown-1024x591

  • Mondstadt Hash Brown (3*) – Restore 34% of maximum HP plus an extra 1900 HP.
    • Complete the Temple of the Wolf domain (requires Adventure Rank 15)
    • 2 pinecones, 1 potato, and 1 jar of jam

Universal-Peace-1024x585 Universal-Peace-1024x585

  • Universal Peace (3*) – Restore 34% of maximum HP plus an extra 1900 HP.
    • Purchase for 5000 Mora from Wanmin Restaurant (Liyue) (requires Adventure Rank 30)
    • 4 cups rice, 2 cups Lotus Head, 2 cups Carrot, 2 cups Berry

Sweet-Madame-1024x591 Sweet-Madame-1024x591

  • Sweet Madame (2*) – Restore 24 percent of maximum HP as well as an extra 1500 HP.
    • From the beginning, the recipe was available.
    • 2 fawns, 2 fawns, 2 fawns, 2 fawns, 2  

The Best Revival Cuisine

Golden-Shrimp-Balls-1024x587 Golden-Shrimp-Balls-1024x587

  • Golden Shrimp Balls — Resurrect a 1500-HP character.
    • Reputation level 1 in Liyue is required for this recipe.
    • 5 lbs. shrimp meat, 4 lbs. potato, 3 lbs. flour

Fullmoon-Egg-1024x592 Fullmoon-Egg-1024x592

  • Fullmoon Egg — Resurrect a 1500-HP character.
    • Recipe purchased for 5000 Mora at Xinyue Kiosk (Liyue).
    • 4 oz. fish, 2 oz. shrimp meat, 2 oz. bird egg, 1 oz. flour

The Most Offensive Cuisine

Adeptus-Temptation-1024x591 Adeptus-Temptation-1024x591

  • Increase ATK by 372 and CRIT rate by 12% for 300 seconds using Adeptus’ Temptation.
    • Recipe: Go to the floating island above Qingyun Peak and loot the treasure box (Liyue)
    • 4 oz. ham, 3 oz. crab, 3 oz. shrimp meat, 3 oz. matsutake mushrooms

Jade-Parcels-1024x589 Jade-Parcels-1024x589

  • Increase ATK by 320 and CRIT rate by 10% for 300 seconds using Jade Parcels.
    • Completing Xiangling’s tale quest is the recipe (requires Adventure Rank 13)
    • 3 lb. Lotus Head, 2 lb. Jueyun Chili, 2 lb. Cabbage, 1 lb. Ham

Tianshu-meat-1024x594 Tianshu-meat-1024x594

  • Tianshu Meat – For 300 seconds, increase Physical DMG by 45 percent and CRIT rate by 10%.
    • Reputation level 7 in Liyue is required for this recipe.
    • 4 oz. raw meat, 2 oz. sugar, 1 oz. Qingxin, 1 oz. Matsutake  

Defensive Food at its Finest

Chili-Mince-Cornbread-Buns-1024x592 Chili-Mince-Cornbread-Buns-1024x592

  • Chili-Minced Cornbread Buns — For 300 seconds, increase shield strength by 35% and DEF by 235.
    • Recipe obtained after completing the Moonlight Merriment event (2021).
    • 4 oz. raw meat, 2 oz. jueyun chili, 3 oz. flour, 2 oz. cabbage

Moon-Pie-1024x592 Moon-Pie-1024x592

  • Moon Pie – For 300 seconds, increase shield strength by 35% and DEF by 235.
    • Obtain a reputation of level 7 in Mondstadt.
    • 4 oz. raw meat, 4 oz. bird egg, 3 oz. butter, 2 oz. flour

Golden-Crab-1024x597 Golden-Crab-1024x597

  • Golden Crab – For 300 seconds, increase DEF by 308 and healing effects by 10%.
    • Completing Mona’s tale quest is the recipe (requires Adventure Rank 38)
    • 5 eggs, 5 eggs, 5 eggs, 5 eggs, 4 eggs, 2 eggs, 2 eggs, 2 eggs, 2 eggs, 2 eggs, 2 eggs, 2 eggs, 2 eggs, 2 eggs, 2 eggs, 2 eggs, 2

Stir-Fried-Shrimp-1024x594 Stir-Fried-Shrimp-1024x594

  • Stir-fried Shrimp — For 300 seconds, increase shield strength by 25%.
    • Recipe purchased for 5000 Mora from Wangshu Inn (Liyue).
    • 4 oz. Shrimp Meat, 3 oz. Flour, 3 oz. Snapdragon    

Foods that give you the most stamina

Barbatos-Ratatouille-1024x585 Barbatos-Ratatouille-1024x585

  • Barbatos Ratatouille – Reduce stamina consumption by 25% when sprinting and gliding for 900 seconds.
    • Speak with Vind on the cliffs of Stormbearer Point for the recipe (Mondstadt). It’s on the map’s far right side.
    • 4 x Carrots, 4 x Potatoes, 4 x Onions

Sticky-Honey-Roast-1024x604 Sticky-Honey-Roast-1024x604

  • Sticky Honey Roast — For 900 seconds, reduce stamina use for climbing and running by 25%.
    • Fulfill Jean’s tale quest OR complete the Dawn Winery version of the daily commission Food Delivery (requires Adventure Rank 34)
    • 3 oz. raw meat, 2 oz. carrot, 2 oz. sugar  

The Best Food for Restoring Stamina

Five-Pickled-Treasures-1024x587 Five-Pickled-Treasures-1024x587

  • Five Pickled Treasures – Instantly restore 100 stamina.
    • Purchase for 4500 Mora at Shimura’s (Inazuma).
    • 2 radish, 2 carrot, 2 lavender melon, 2 radish, 2 radish, 2 radish, 2 radish, 2 radish, 2 radish, 2 radish, 2 radish, 2 rad  

Food at the Best Temperature

Goulash-1024x596 Goulash-1024x596

  • Reduce the pace of Sheer Cold buildup for 900 seconds using Goulash.
    • Complete the Ah, Fresh Meat quest to get the recipe (Dragonspine).
    • 2 lbs. chilled meat, 2 lbs. carrots, 1 pound. tomato    
    • In addition, this meal aids in the battle against Signora.

Be a part of the High Ground!

That concludes our guide to the greatest Genshin Impact recipes and other useful culinary advice. Subscribe and leave a comment below if there’s anything else you’d want to see included!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best food to cook in Genshin Impact?

A: The best food to cook in Genshin Impact is a burger.

What is the easiest food to make in Genshin Impact?

Im hungry.
A: The easiest to make in Genshin Impact is a sandwich, followed by omelette and hamburgers.

What is the best revival food Genshin?

A: The best option is to eat a lot of vegetables and fruit, which are packed with vitamins.

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