In this guide, we’ll go over the best build for beginners to clear Fall. This is a build that has been used by many players and it’s very easy to use as well as powerful.

The hades best build for first escape is a build that is good for beginners. It has the lowest amount of damage, and it is easy to clear.

The plot of Hades revolves on climbing your way out of hell. Once you’ve gotten out, you’ll be looking for methods to do it again and again! However, the first clear is usually the most difficult, and it may be frustrating not to be able to ascend as far as you desire. This tutorial will teach you some tricks and a construct that will help you get out of Hades!

The Best Hades Build For Your First Clear

Hades first clear

Before we get started, keep in mind that your initial clear will take some time. Each time you advance, it’s essential to improve the Mirror of Night and understand boss patterns. You’ll be less likely to harm oneself this way… And make a comeback once or twice!

For a First Clear, this is the best build.

For a player who wishes to fight toe-to-toe with Hades’ best, we suggest the Major Upgrades listed below.

  • Athena is under attack (Divine Strike)
  • Ares is a unique character (Curse of Pain)
  • Any actor may play any role.
  • Poseidon, Dash (Tidal Dash)
  • Ares / Athena (Ares’ / Athena’s / Athena’s / Athena’s / Athena’s / Athena’s / Athena’s

Athena and Ares are the focal points of this arrangement.

The strike of Athena has the unique ability to deflect projectiles. Every swordsmanship, punch, and dash arrow… They’re all there to defend you from opponents’ various ranged attacks! All of the game’s enemies have a large number of missiles, thus you won’t take much damage during boss battles.

After a brief period, Ares’ Special delivers damage. Because all weapons – with the exception of the bow – encourage you to use Special sparingly, Ares’ bonus damage is enormous! We suggest Zeus Special and Thunder Flourish for the bow… Ares, on the other hand, isn’t half-bad on Bow’s special!

All of the casts act in a similar manner. Single target is better for Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena, and Demeter (once unlocked). Ares, Dionysus, and Zeus are all excellent spammers of area-of-effect. Poseidon is a fantastic default cast since he’s in the middle.

Tidal Dash is really insane. In most fights, this may be enough to win the battle on its own. The Push-Back pushes opponents against walls, causing them to take more damage and suffer hitstun. This makes clearing Hades’ last location, The Temple of Styx, a breeze.

When utilized, Ares’ and Athena’s calls grant you complete invincibility. They’re both excellent “get out of jail free” cards; Ares does passive damage, while Athena has no effect on your control. Poseidon’s offers you complete invincibility as well, although it’s far more difficult to manage. The majority of other calls just inflict harm. Damage is fantastic, but can you survive long enough to understand the mechanics? Much, much more.

Advice for New Players

Hades first clear

While builds may help you increase your damage and survivability, they aren’t the only thing you’ll need. Battling your way out of Hades requires a deft touch and a little of luck. Here’s some suggestions to assist you!

  • Dash Attacks Are Your Friend: Dash attacks may seem to be feeble, yet they are very essential in the game. As you fly about the battlefield, you are totally invincible, allowing you to more consistently escape fatal confrontations. You may ease off on the dashing once you become accustomed to Zagreus’s resilience. However, to escape damage, sprint in circles around battles while you’re learning.
  • Save your money for the second Health and Death’s Defiance: The capacity to make errors will be critical for your learning early on. Death’s Defiance allows you to “lose” against bosses, but it also allows you to learn more about them or perhaps defeat them. Death’s Defiances may then be replenished with Athena or at Charon Shops. Getting to 100 health is also beneficial, since it will allow you to gain additional health using Death’s Defiance… As well as just beginning with more to begin with.
  • Give Gods Nectar Before Taking Their Boons: While playing runs, you may discover that you may offer the Gods Nectar before accepting their boons. Make an effort to do this for each God at least once. You will get their Keepsake as a result of this. The Gods’ Keepsakes will make them spawn throughout your run and increase the rarity of their boons. It’s ideal for ensuring regular runs with the most powerful gods, such as Artemis or Zeus (for bow and Gauntlet runs).

Loving Hades? We feel the same way! Take a look at some of the guidelines we’ve put up for this GOTY candidate!

The hades fastest builds is a guide to help new players get started with the game. It provides information on how to build and what items are good for beginners.

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