A new tactical RPG from Aztech Studios will soon be available for PC. The game follows the story of a world in which humans and gods have turned against each other, but it is up to you to help bring peace back by hunting down rogue deities that threaten civilization.

Aztech Forgotten Gods Release Date Set for Early March

Aztech Forgotten Gods Release Date Set for Early March

Lienzo, a Mexican publisher and developer, has announced the release date for Aztech Forgotten Gods, an upcoming action-adventure game.

The game, which will be released in early March, follows heroine Achtli as she tries to unearth the mysteries of a far-future Mesoamerican city while facing gigantic foes inspired by Aztec gods.

Aztech Forgotten Gods Release Date Set for Early March

Aztech Forgotten Gods Release Date Set for Early March

Achtli is supported on her mission by a gigantic gauntlet whose technology allows her improved mobility as well as the potential to pound objects incredibly hard.

When Aztech Forgotten Gods is released, players will be able to explore a metropolis that, despite its technological advancements, retains many vestiges of its past.

This blend of modern technology and Aztec-inspired stone architecture is matched by a variety of locations, each of which seems to be home to its own Forgotten deity to battle.

Aztech Forgotten Gods will be available on PC (through Steam and the Epic Games Store), Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch on March 10. Below is the most recent trailer for the film.

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