Apex Legends is one of the most popular Battle Royale games on PC and mobile, but what are some of its best weapons? We will rate all 9 pistols that are currently available in-game.

The “best guns in apex 2021” is a question that has been asked by many. This list ranks the best pistols in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends: Best Pistols, Ranked

Apex Legends, like many other fantastic shooters, has a large arsenal of weaponry to pick from. You’re likely to find something that matches your playstyle, whether it’s a long-range sniper rifle, a flexible assault rifle, or a powerful shotgun.

But nothing beats having a decent handgun at your side to compliment your main weapon. Every handgun in Apex Legends has some potential, whether it’s the rapid-fire RE-45 or the heavy-hitting Wingman.

But which handguns, out of all the ones in the game, are the greatest to use? What are their advantages and disadvantages? In today’s essay, I’ll go over all of this and more, as well as rate each of them.

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Apex Legends’ Every Pistol, Ranked

So, without further ado, let’s get started on this essay on the greatest guns in Apex Legends!



Apex-Legends-3_24_2022-2_12_28-PM-1024x576 p2020 Apex Legends Pistols Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via Koby Ross Gibson / HGG

The p2020 is the first item on our list. This pistol is in an awkward position since it lacks the usefulness and potency to be meta. It’s a semi-automatic handgun that discharges as quickly as the trigger can be pulled. Because it’s such a simple weapon, there’s no need to take it up unless you’ve just landed and don’t have anything else.

What are its advantages?

Because of its minimal recoil and great hip-fire accuracy, this rifle is rather simple to operate. If you’re playing Arenas mode, the p2020 is an excellent gun to have since it’s free to purchase and upgrades are inexpensive. It may activate the Hammerpoint Rounds hop-up, which grants it a +50% damage boost to enemies without shields. As a result, it has some potential as a sidearm.

What are the flaws in it?

Due to the fact that this is a semi-automatic weapon, you must be accurate with your rounds in order to efficiently do damage to a target. It also has a modest damage per-body shot, with just 15 damage.

This isn’t a decent main weapon, and I’d only use it if I didn’t have anything else, or if I had the Hammerpoint Rounds and another strong primary weapon.

Is there any nice cosmetics in it?

The Null Hypothesis skin is my legendary skin of choice for this weapon. With a gray and white color scheme with red accents, this is a rather simple re-model. It was first released as part of the Lost Treasures collection event, but it has since become a rare skin that I have yet to see resurface in the store. Unlike the majority of skins in the game, this one seems to be more realistic, which I enjoy.


Auto RE-45

Apex-Legends-3_24_2022-2_12_24-PM-1024x576 Apex-Legends-3_24_2022-2_12_24-PM-1024x576 Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via Koby Ross Gibson / HGG

Let’s take a look at the RE-45 machine gun next on our list! This is the game’s only fully automatic handgun, making it an excellent sidearm option. Unfortunately, the pistol has never seen much use in the meta. However, now that Hammerpoint Rounds are available in Season 12, it has become a much more viable option to the p2020 and Mozambique sidearms.

What are its advantages?

This is a fully automatic handgun with a respectable rate of fire, as previously stated. Because it is a pistol, the recoil is small, making it simpler to strike hostile opponents regularly. This gun’s hip-fire accuracy is excellent, which is one of my favorite features since it makes cleaning up opponents after they’ve had their shields drained much simpler.

In addition, the Hammerpoint Rounds may be used on the RE-45, which is a far better alternative than utilizing them with the p2020. After breaking an enemy’s shields, you may switch to this rifle to finish them out swiftly.

Its damage per shot isn’t great, and you can only do 12 damage to the body each shot. This machine pistol’s total DPS is poor. I’d prefer the r99 SMG instead if you’re seeking for a better weapon to utilize without Hammerpoints.

Is there any nice cosmetics in it?

The Pride legendary skin is a stunning and well-designed cosmetic that changes the gun’s color pallet to gold, silver, and crimson. The gold lion head etched onto the section of the cannon above the grip, however, is the main selling point. By going into the RE-45’s cosmetic menu in-between matches, you may construct this lovely skin at any moment for 1200 crafting metals.



Apex-Legends-3_24_2022-2_12_43-PM-1024x576 Apex Legends Wingman Pistol Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via Koby Ross Gibson / HGG

The Wingman takes the #1 place on our list of the greatest handguns listed in Apex Legends. This is a dependable and sturdy weapon that has always had a prominent position in the Apex meta. Back in Season 0, it was regarded as one of the most overpowered weapons, but it has since evolved into a lot more balanced–yet still powerful–sidearm of choice for many players.

What are its advantages?

When compared to every other handgun in the game, this one does the most damage per shot. One hit to the chest will result in 45 points of damage. Because it’s a pistol, there’s no mobility penalty while pointing down sights, making it ideal for hostile fire. It’s the ideal handgun at longer ranges since it has a small dispersion and can strike opponents sitting farther away more easily.

What are the flaws in it?

The Wingman has a lot of recoil, which might take some getting accustomed to. Its rate of firing is also limited owing to the fact that it is a revolver. The damage is substantial, but not sufficient to offset the firing rate’s DPS. The Wingman’s magazine capacity is likewise limited, carrying just 6 rounds without an additional heavy mag. Missing shots is also a big no-no.

Is there any nice cosmetics in it?

The Lawbringer legendary skin is my personal favorite legendary skin for the Wingman! It’s a wild-west-inspired gold, black, and crimson handgun. On the rear of the rifle is a skull with blazing green eyes, giving it a terrifying appearance. The skin was created to match Caustic’s iconic Deputy o’ Death skin! As a Caustic major, this is a huge plus for me.

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So that wraps up our list of the finest guns in Apex Legends! Did our list make sense to you? Or do you believe we fell short of your expectations? Let us know what you think in the comments area below!

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Have fun gaming!

The “best apex guns” is a list of the best pistols in Apex Legends. The list includes all the guns that are currently available and their pros and cons.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best pistol in Apex Legends?

A: I have no idea.

What are the best guns in Apex ranked?

A: The best guns in Apex are the M1911, UMP45, and the AK-47. These three weapons have a high win rate at all times.

Which apex gun has the highest DPS?

A: The highest DPS out of all the apex guns is without a doubt the Vindertech VM-1.

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