Apex Legends is a popular battle royale game with an interesting mix of old and new weapons. In terms of gameplay, the game is pretty standard (unlike PUBG), but it has unique skins that make it worth getting into. We’ve ranked some best Apex Legends Pathfinder SKins to show you all the ways your character can look in-game!

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game. The “best pathfinder skins 2021” are the best that can be found in the game.

Apex Legends: Best Pathfinder Skins Ranked

Customizing your favorite heroes in Apex Legends is a simple yet effective way. Each legend in the game has its own set of skins, which range from common to legendary.

Some of these cosmetics are only available for a short time or as part of a shop rotation. These skins are usually among the nicest available, and they’re highly prized for their stunning aesthetics and scarcity. Some of the nicest and rarest of these cosmetics may be found on the loving robot Pathfinder!

But which of the many distinct skins available for Pathfinder is the best? When did they become available in the game? Will they make a comeback in the future? In this Apex Legends: top Pathfinder skins rated post, I’ll be addressing that exact question. Let’s get started!


Fantastic Plastic

Screenshot-2022-01-26-163914-1024x534 Screenshot-2022-01-26-163914-1024x534 Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment and HGG.

For the fifth-best Pathfinder skin on our list, let’s talk about the Fantastic Plastic legendary skin. This cosmetic saw its debut during the System Override Event of 2020 during Season 4! I never got this skin, yet I feel very nostalgic for it as it was one of the few cosmetics that got me excited for this event.

You should know what to anticipate if you’ve ever watched any of the old-school Transformers cartoons. Around the torso, this skin is a fun shade of blue with yellow and white accents. The model resembles a life-size toy in appearance. Pathfinder also has a distinctive symbol in the shape of an anime-inspired furious face on the screen.

This skin has only reappeared once since its Season 4 debut, and that was during the Genesis Collection Event last year. Given how long it’s been since it was re-released, I expect it to reap reappearance in shop rotations in the near future (or at the very least, as a re-color).


Noir Memoir

Screenshot-2022-01-26-163000-1024x433 Screenshot-2022-01-26-163000-1024x433 Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment and HGG.

Now for a personal favorite of mine, we have the Noir Memoir skin taking spot number four! This incredibly special skin saw its release during the Fight Night Event back in January 2021. This skin is unique as it features a special intro animation of Pathfinder when selecting him before a match.

The skin itself has a lengthy brown coat over the body and a matching brown fedora to finish things off. Its design is greatly influenced by classic film noir films. Not only that, but Pathfinder’s chest screen has a happy face emblem with a fedora on his head that looks quite similar to his.

This skin has returned from the event, although not on a regular basis. If I were you, I’d choose for a more common skin or ready to wait a long time for it to reappear. Perhaps it’ll be featured in a retail rotation? Perhaps a future event will have a recolor of it? It’s impossible to say!


Bot made of gold

Screenshot-2022-01-27-171418-1024x578 Screenshot-2022-01-27-171418-1024x578 Wiiii on Steam, courtesy of HGG

Taking spot number three for our ranking, let’s take a look at the Bot made of gold skin! This is a beautiful recolor of the Quicksilver legendary skin and can be purchased from the store (when it’s in rotation) for 10500 Legend Tokens. Considering how common Legend Tokens are, it’s more than worth the price!

The skin is based on the Quicksilver skin, which has a considerably smoother and curvier appearance than Pathfinder’s basic body. The color scheme for this recolor is brilliant gold and orange, and it runs the length of his body. Unfortunately, he does not have a separate symbol on his screen. But, given how beautiful the skin is, I’d say it more than compensates.

This skin has been on my want list for a long, and it may be difficult to get owing to its scarcity in shop rotations. In the whole year of 2021, it only appeared twice! To make matters worse, you must first build the Quicksilver skin, which costs 1200 Crafting Metals. Quicksilver may be gained at any moment by using the customization option in Pathfinder, where it has been accessible since the game’s inception.


Machine of War

Screenshot-2022-01-26-162738-1024x529 Screenshot-2022-01-26-162738-1024x529 Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment and HGG.

For the second-best Pathfinder skin on our ranking, we have the Machine of War legendary skin! This medieval-inspired getup saw its release during the Iron Crown Event in August 2019 during Season 2 of Apex Legends.

The model is silver-white in tone and has artisan accents throughout. Pathfinder’s head is designed to imitate the armor of a medieval warrior. It isn’t quite a vibrant appearance, but that’s good since Pathfinder’s screen has a sun that seems to be formed of beautiful stained glass!

Because many people consider the original hue to be a must-have skin for Pathfinder, it is in great demand. It received a recolor during Season 8’s War Games Event, and it has been known to reappear throughout shop rotations. Your best chance is to be patient and wait for it to be restocked at the shop.



path-trailer-1024x529 path-trailer-1024x529 Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment and HGG.

Let’s hear it for the SRVN MRVN skin, which won the gold award for the finest Pathfinder skins rated in Apex Legends! This sophisticated-looking model made its premiere at Season 3’s Grand Soiree Event in January 2020. Because this occurrence occurred so long ago, the skin is now considered unusual. Given how elegant it seems, this is a pity.

The skin is made up of a shiny black foundation with gold accents strewn around the body. Pathfinder’s face is even adorned with a brilliant red bowtie and a shiny metal mustache! If that wasn’t enough, his computer screen even has a similar symbol with the same mustache!

Unfortunately, outside of shop rotations, this skin is unlikely to resurface in the future. It could make a reappearance in the shape of a re-color if there is another Grand Soiree Event, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

Be a part of the High Ground

What did you think of our list of the finest Apex Legends Pathfinder skins? Did our list make sense to you? Or did we forget to include your favorite skin? Let us know in the comments section below!

ss_986226732630a4209a9b336d6ca11a506b4c9a33-1024x576 ss_986226732630a4209a9b336d6ca11a506b4c9a33-1024x576 Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment and HGG.

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“Apex Legends: Best Pathfinder Skins Ranked” is a post that ranks the best pathfinder legendary skins. The list includes all of the best looking characters in Apex Legends, and gives you an idea of which ones are worth investing your hard-earned Apex coins in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rarest Pathfinder skin in Apex Legends?

A: Personally, I think the rarest skin in Apex Legends is Pathfinder Gremlin.

Is the Pathfinder skin rare?

A: Yes. The Pathfinder skin is the rarest out of all skins with a difficulty rating of 3 stars or higher, and currently only available through special events from our developers.

Is BP 1 a rare Pathfinder skin?

A: BP 1 is not a rare skin.

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