The year of 1800 has been described as one of great economic expansion. The new technology of the steam engine allowed the new industrial revolution (or “Second Industrial Revolution”) to rise. The Second Industrial Revolution was characterized by the start of the steam engine, the steam ship, the steam locomotive, the telegraph, the oil refinery, and the mule. These innovations enabled the new superpowers of the time (Britain, France, Spain (and the New World), the Netherlands (and the New World), and the German-speaking countries (and the New World)) to rise to world dominance. It was also the time of many great inventions, including the the first type of sewing machine, the contraceptive pill, the electric motor,

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Anno 1800 Money Tips Guide - How To Make Money Quick

Anno 1800 returns to its historical origins by placing players in the midst of the Industrial Revolution and tasked them with constructing, developing, and sustaining their cities.

Neither of these things can be done without money, and because bankruptcy means the end of your city-building efforts, understanding how to generate money quickly in Anno 1800 may be very useful.

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Your primary source of revenue in Anno 1800, like in earlier entries, is tax-paying citizens. In the Old World, there are five population levels and two in the New World, each of which contributes to your total wealth. Greater levels pay higher taxes, so improving your people as soon as you have the means to do so and are able to keep them happy can help you earn money quickly in Anno 1800. Just keep in mind that you won’t be able to upgrade every building at once, since you’ll require a mix of tier kinds depending on available employment.

Visitors, who enjoy a beautiful city, and commerce are two additional sources of revenue. Because trade isn’t represented in the balance pop-up at the top right, it’s a little difficult to track. Regardless, knowing what resources other players need and selling any excess may provide your city a good financial boost. You may accomplish this by either creating regular trade routes or manually loading materials and guiding your ships to other ports.

Doing missions is the most obvious method to earn money quickly in Anno 1800. Other players may sometimes give quests, but you can also request one via the Diplomacy Screen. Select a player with the center button below your minimap, click the Actions button on the left, and then Ask for Quest. These missions include a variety of goals, such as delivering goods from point A to point B, providing a certain quantity of resources, or destroying a particular ship. They all accomplish the same thing: they increase your bank account.

Check out our tutorials on how to deal with royal taxes, how to colonize new islands, and how to manage manufacturing chains.

Anno 1800 is now available for PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Anno 1800 being discontinued?

Anno 1800 is being discontinued because the game has reached its end of life. This means that it will no longer receive updates, patches, or bug fixes.

How do you do well in Anno 1800?

I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

How long does Anno 1800 take to complete?

Anno 1800 takes around 30 hours to complete.

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