In this Alchemist Code Tier List, we will be looking at the best classes to pick for each league as well as some tips on how to play them. Each of these sections is broken down into tiers in order from 1-10 with a sample build and an explanation behind my decision.

The “alchemist code tier list 2022” is a list of the top games for March. The list includes the best games to play, as well as their average player rating and price.

Alchemist Code Tier List [March] 2022: The Ultimate List

Do you want to know which Unit in The Code of the Alchemist is the best? Then have a look at the greatest Unit in The Code of the Alchemist Tier List, which was made just for that reason.

Tiers of Alchemists Tiers of Alchemists

Gumi Incorporation’s “The Code of the Alchemist” has been a success story to date, dating back to the game’s debut four years ago. The game was first published in November of 2017 and has since been downloaded over five million times by players all around the globe. It’s an iOS and Android free-to-play game with in-app purchases centered on magic.

The Code of the Alchemist The Code of the Alchemist

The game, with the use of its 3D terrain, features a fantasy world with turn-based combat. In “The Code of the Alchemist,” you will be introduced to the two main protagonists named Logi and Dias; these two characters gained the power of Alchemy and want to bring justice and change the world. Apart from them, there are various characters in the game that you will love to play.

Season 9 [March] 2022 SMITE Tier List

Because the game’s character roster is so large, we frequently have to go through it to determine whether the character we want to play is capable of winning fights for us. There is always a decision to be made, and it may be challenging at times.

If you are someone who faces this similar situation sometimes of which character to choose in the game that can easily do the job for you, then you have arrived at the right time, in the right place, as in this article we are going to talk about The Code of the Alchemist Tier list, that will easily help you to decide in these difficult gaming situations.

Tier List for Alchemist Code Tier List for Alchemist Code

Tier List for Alchemist Code [March] 2022

One thing that you should know about “The Code of the Alchemist” game is that it is a strategy RPG game that rewards your tactics both on and off the warzone. Though you will come across some tense battles in the game, your success won’t stop at this particular stage as to conquer the game’s toughest challenges; you must also be able to make a fearsome team that has some unique team combination.

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With such a large roster in the game, it might be difficult for players to put together their ideal squad. To aid with this, there are many levels listed below, ranging from best to worst. Choose characters from the best Tiers to win the game quickly, while characters from lower Tiers will just give you headaches and not much more because you will have to spend a lot of time training them.

Tier List for Alchemist Code Tier List for Alchemist Code

S Tier

The S Tier has the greatest characters in the game right now, since they are the most viable in their element class and have access to occupations that will work well with the majority of roster combinations. Below is an example of a character from this rank.

Unit Element
Asuka Fire
Chihaya Fire
Mira Fire
Icona Fire
Gilfred Fire
Cadanova Fire
Adaleigh Fire
Lisanaut Fire
Fuu Fire
Noah Fire
Pamela Fire
Rochelle Fire
Eins Water
Voda Water
Dark Mira Water
Julia Water
Letitia Water
Ravina Water
Yauras Water
Emrys Water
Longinus obscurus Water
Ankh Water
Lisbeth Water
Eira Water
Macherie Wind
Eulalia Wind
Dark Nyx Wind
Natalie Wind
Leoniaz Wind
Leafah Wind
Rahu Wind
Red VI Wind
Tamis Wind
Cassius Thunder
Judith Thunder
Julia, the Dark Thunder
Nyx Thunder
Othima, the Dark Thunder
Vier Thunder
Corvus Thunder
Lilith Thunder
Gerald Thunder
Blair Light
Cheryl Light
Raphtalia Light
Neica Light
Spica Light
Emmel Light
Logi Light
Nina Light
Hisham Light
Tiferet Light
Iwatani, Naofumi Dark
Sol Dark
Dark Zein Dark
Eliza Dark
Zahar Dark
Nero Dark
Ouroboros, the Little Dark
Zheng Yi Dark
Ikasa Dark

Asuka – Asuka is a fire element character that works as a Noble Vanguard, Valkyrie, and Holy Cavalier in the game. In Wadatsumi, Asuka is the head of an aristocratic family. Despite the fact that this family has had a difficult time coping, they rely on Greed Dike’s help. When they are not fighting their adversaries, Asuka has an older sister who cherishes and pampers her.

Asuka Asuka

A Tier

These troops still make up a big portion of the current meta, which means there are a lot of A Tier characters in the game. Characters in this tier are outstanding in their own right and cannot be readily overpowered, unless they are from the S Tier. Below is an example of a character from this rank.

Unit Element
Courage Fire
Ila Fire
Arthur Fire
Daisy Fire
Don Taras Fire
Morrigan Fire
Miuna Fire
Carla Fire
Hazel Fire
Emma Fire
Setsuna, the Dark Fire
Lupinus Fire
Fury Fire
Masamune the Dark Fire
Reimei Fire
Evelika Water
Minario Water
Melromarc Melromarc Melromarc Melromarc Melromarc Melromarc Mel Water
Selena Water
Merlinus Water
Soren Water
Gino Water
Longinus Water
Lamia Water
Alaia Water
Shayna Water
Lofia Water
Zwei Wind
Nefertiti Wind
Scheherezade Wind
Tamamo Wind
Shion Wind
Acht Wind
Balt Wind
Setsuna Wind
Seida Wind
King Wind
Parashu, the Dark Wind
Artemis, the Dark Wind
Mocca Wind
Lucian Wind
Patty Wind
Drei Thunder
Orion Thunder
Roxanne Thunder
Edgar Thunder
Freikugel (dark) Thunder
Lucia Thunder
Ange Thunder
Lotiyah Thunder
Rebecca Thunder
Fujika Thunder
Teona Thunder
Laevateinn (Dark Laevateinn) Thunder
Siegfried Light
Su Yi Light
Tyrfing in the Dark Light
Tyrfing Light
Mielikki Light
Alma Light
Hange Light
Ambrosia Dark
Rosa Dark
Meliodas Dark
Levi Dark
Basheeny Dark
Dark Zain Dark
Chloe (dark) Dark
Lunaris Dark

Evelika – Evelika is a water element character that works as an Impinging Blade, Warrior, and Ninja in the game. Even though Evelika desires to be a magical researcher, she is recognized as a mercenary most of the time. One thing that stands out about her is that she is a serious and committed person who has a habit of getting herself into problems by expressing her ideas to people without hesitation. Despite her little stature, she is an excellent mercenary in the game.

Evelika Evelika

B Tier

The B Tier characters are competent troops that contribute to your squad by doing their tasks effectively. Because several characters in this tier have considerable utility, you can easily put together diverse party combinations. Below is an example of a character from this rank.

Unit Element
Masamune Fire
Melda Fire
Shekinah Fire
Sakura Fire
Liu Shen Fire
Eren Fire
Kamui Fire
Arkil Fire
Vargas Fire
Ban Fire
Creto Fire
Vettel Fire
Dorothea Fire
Zangetsu Fire
Eve Fire
Dorothea Fire
Itsuki Water
Shenmei Water
Sophia Water
Kevin Water
Elizabeth Water
Ren Water
Zehn Water
Forcas Water
Shenmei is a Chinese dancer. Water
Fung Liu Water
Mikasa Water
D’Artagnan Water
Almace Water
Diane Water
Ennis Water
Othima Water
Parashu Wind
Suiran Wind
Wilhelm Wind
Celine Wind
Uzuma Wind
Lizardman Wind
Cita Wind
Hayate Wind
Ramses Wind
Artemis Wind
Hiiragi Wind
Izayoi Wind
Fayrene Wind
Bashosen Wind
Laevateinn Thunder
Blitz Thunder
Yna Ku Thunder
Zofia Thunder
Deneb Thunder
Vanekis Thunder
Megistos Thunder
Caris Thunder
Mei Fang Thunder
Magnus Thunder
Yuri Thunder
Eizan Thunder
Eros Light
Freed Light
Ryle Light
Gowther Light
Fraise Light
Won Light
Fairily Light
Carol Light
Aisha Light
Waginau Light
Bud Light
Protector Light
Zain Light
Priscilla Dark
Bertha Dark
Mirianne Dark
Kudanstein Dark
Glanz Dark
Reido Dark
Yomi, the Dark Princess Dark
Hozuki Dark
Anastasia Dark
Aswald Dark
Albea Dark
Jin Dark

Wilhelm – Wilhelm is a wind element character that works as a Fresh Wind Trickster, Ninja, and Magic Meister in the game. Wilhelm was a member of the Holy Guard and hails from Lustburg. Wilhelm is a free guy who acts as he pleases, which is why he is known as the Troublemaker in the game. Wilhelm is in a peculiar predicament since he grew up in a completely matriarchal culture where the country’s males were subjugated, and as a result of his upbringing, he finds it difficult to open out to people.

Wilhelm Wilhelm

C Tier

The C Tier characters in the game are ordinary characters that can fill most of the positions in the game that you want. Below is an example of a character from this rank.

Unit Element
Veloz Fire
Lambert Fire
Alyu Fire
Ines Fire
Richie Fire
Strie Fire
Ciel Fire
Vivi Fire
Jake Fire
Yuto Fire
Amane Water
Mikoto Water
Rin is a Japanese word that means ” (Disgaea) Water
Strauss Water
Chiruru Water
Elaine Water
Mizuchi Water
Michael Water
Tethys Water
Elrike Water
Reagan Water
Chat Noir Water
Yunagi Water
Annika Water
Alexis Water
Nasario Wind
Fencer Wind
Hazuki Wind
Kazahaya Wind
Gyan Wind
Silma Wind
Melia Wind
Reiner Wind
Tina Wind
Rigalt Wind
Flamel Wind
Almira Wind
Cordelia Wind
Freikugel Thunder
Amis Thunder
Vincent Thunder
Sovereign Thunder
Retzius Thunder
Dilga Thunder
Tehre Thunder
Chao Thunder
Monzein Thunder
Laila Thunder
Tsang Lei Thunder
Aruba Thunder
Alfred Thunder
Lucido Thunder
Meily Thunder
Justin Thunder
Ishuna Thunder
Olga Light
Kuon Light
Shaman Light
Amaterasu Light
Victor Light
Fiona Light
Chloe, the Dragoon Light
Celliers Light
Decel Light
Soleil Light
Hugo Light
Annerose Dark
Blanchett Dark
Reida Dark
Dias Dark
Edwin Dark
Harbinger Dark
Sabareta Dark

Ishuna: Ishuna is a thunder element character that works as a thief, hunter, and martial artist in the game. Ishuna is a Wratharis criminal that was raised in the thieves band Unicorn Night. One disadvantage of having this character in the game is that she treats her enemies with kindness.

Ishuna Ishuna

D Tier

This tier’s characters aren’t very strong, and they’ve nearly totally vanished from the current meta. The reason for this is because their numbers and mechanics are severely flawed. Below is an example of a character from this rank.

Unit Element
Gladiolus Fire
Tohsaka Rin Fire
Magnus the Red Fire
Roy Mustang is a character in the film Roy Mustang Fire
Mianne Fire
Gane Water
Gato Water
Gunner Water
Prinny Water
Riza Hawkeye is a character in the game Riza Hawkeye Water
Polin Wind
Leon Wind
Fencer Wind
Milis Wind
Edward Wind
Bradley, King Thunder
Usalia Thunder
Gilgamesh Thunder
Prompto Thunder
Alphonse Light
Peridot Light
Tomas Light
Zeke Light
Seraphina Light
Zahar is a young man who has a (Fate) Dark
Pride Dark
Killia Dark
Archer Dark
Yuan Dark

Pride – Pride is a dark element character that works as a Prideful Homunculus, Magic Swordsman, and Machinist in the game. Despite the fact that pride seems to be a youngster in the game, he is cold, merciless, and prepared to sacrifice his allies without hesitation.

Pride Pride

This is all for The Code of the Alchemist Tier List. If you have created your own tier list or have any suggestions, feel free to express them in the comment section which is given below. Also, share this tier list with your friends who play Alchemist Code and Stay connected with us for the latest tier list of other games. 

The “alchemist code tier list 2021” is a list that ranks the best games in the alchemist game genre. The list has been updated for the March of 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best unit in Alchemist code?

A: The best unit in Alchemist Code is the gold bar.

Who is the best character in alchemy stars?

A: The best character in Alchemy Stars is the main protagonist, Arthur.

Is Faust good alchemy stars?

A: Faust is an award-winning modern British drama that depicts life in a fictional East German town during the early years of the building of the Berlin Wall.

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